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Emma Stone Can’t Make It to Prom

Jacob Staudenmeier, a student from Arizona, has made an epic prom-posal to Oscar award winner Emma Stone. The prom-posal dubbed by Emma Stone herself as “the greatest proposal I’ve ever received” was a re-make of the hit movie La La Land’s intro. This was all to ask Emma Stone to his prom date which is to be held on the 29th of April.

Emma Stone Can't Make it to Prom

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To make things even interesting, Jacob Staudenmeier offered to take Emma to dinner at the Olive Garden. Staudenmeier is an aspiring filmmaker who got his inspiration from another student from his school who also made a prom-posal three years ago to Miley Cyrus. He said he knew that Stone was also from Arizona and that as an aspiring filmmaker he needed to be “big and ambitious with it”.

Emma Stone can't be with Jacob Staudenmeier

Jacob Staudenmeier/Youtube

He also stated that he saw the movie “La La Land” three times and that gave him the idea to come up with the prom-posal. All he needed was a bunch of cars from his friends to make it look like it was on traffic, re-wrote the lyrics of the La La Land intro and a filming crew, which consisted of his friends and classmates. The Video was then uploaded on his twitter account which became viral.

In a TV interview, Jacob Staudenmeier read a letter from Emma Stone herself stating how honored she was that Jacob thought of her and how the video made her smile. “I am in London working, but I hope you have the best time at prom and I’m grateful you thought of me” Emma Stone added.

Emma Stone

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Despite the fact that Emma could not go with Jacob at his prom night, Emma did say something that does makes Jacob Staudenmeier turn red.

“Thank you and PS, I do see Gosling around the eyes” wrote Emma.

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