Where you came from ?! Ellen's 'Pregnant' Prank Will Make You Either Hate or Love Humanity
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Ellen’s ‘Pregnant Woman’ Prank Will Make You Either Hate or Love Humanity

Ellen DeGeneres is the prank master, this much is true. She has a way of knowing which guest can take a joke. While some of her pranks simply poke a little fun, others are disguised as moral tests made to gauge the level of humanity in the world.

She recently created a segment called “Cash For Kindness” on her daytime television talk show. For this installment, Ellen commissioned her staff writer Amy to get in on the action. Amy was fashioned with a fake pregnancy belly as she pretended to unload a moving truck. Ellen wanted to see if any passersby would help a pregnant damsel in distress.

The Ellen Show/YouTube

Once Amy got started things got a little rough. Cardboard fell over and fell apart. Amy timed it perfectly to let clothes fly out onto the road when a car road by. A few hidden cameras were positioned to capture the hilarious and thought-provoking social experiment.

Ellen’s audience laughed as Amy struggled with boxes of balls and office supplies. Ellen narrated and directed Amy to let the most random items fall from the truck.


The Ellen Show/YouTube

Amy laid it on thick. Under Ellen’s direction, she fell to the ground and slumped over her boxes, letting out sobs of defeat. She did a fantastic job of playing a woman at her wit’s end.

Distressed, and with Ellen egging her on, she waved to cars and loudly cried out for help. No one stopped to assist her. Drivers just watched her struggle and didn’t even slow down to make sure she was okay.

The Ellen Show/YouTube

Finally, a couple took pity on Amy and stopped to help her with her boxes. While Ellen’s prank proved that most people are either too busy or too selfish to stop and help someone in need, there are good people out there who will take a few minutes out of their day to make the world a better, friendlier place.

Ellen brought these good Samaritans onto the set for recognition. They were rewarded with $500 in cash for their selflessness.

The Ellen Show/YouTube

Always help someone in need. It’s the right thing to do, and you never know when you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

Check out the video!

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