Where you came from ?! Elderly Man Buys Toys For Toddler In Target and Brings Mother to Tears
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Elderly Man Buys Toys For Toddler In Target and Brings Mother to Tears

In a room full of strangers, there are things that go unseen. We don’t know of the strain, the triumph, or the heartbreak that those around us have endured, and we sometimes use that as an excuse to keep to ourselves.

But children don’t have the same social skills as adults. They engage with anyone and everyone. They teach us valuable lessons about humanity all the time.

This toddler’s story reminds us that something so seemingly small can help heal the biggest wounds.

“Hi, Sweet Boy!”

Alyssa Hacker was shopping around a Target in Fort Smith, Arkansas, when her 18-month-old son, Owen, had a special encounter.

He was sitting in their cart playing with three toy dinosaurs when he suddenly screamed, “Hi!” to an elderly man nearby.

Elderly Man


Alyssa is used to her son saying hello to strangers and usually doesn’t engage in conversation with those Owen chooses to speak to. But this time, she stopped.

“That’s not like me,” Alyssa said. “I’m always in mommy protective mode, but I know this was a good thing that happened.”

The old man approached Owen by saying, “Hi, sweet boy!” and played dinosaurs with him for a while.

“I Didn’t Expect What Was To Come”

The old man reached into the pocket of his shirt and pulled out a $20 bill. When he lifted his head to look at Owen, Alyssa noticed he was crying.

Elderly Man


“I just lost my 2-year-old grandson last week,” the man said. “You take this money and buy this boy all three of those dinosaurs.”

Alyssa watched the man walk away. She tried to understand his grief, but it’s unimaginable. This doesn’t mean she didn’t shed a tear herself.

Elderly Man


When she got home that day, Alyssa wrote about Owen’s encounter on Facebook. It was shared over 105,000 times in just a few days.

And just as the old man instructed, Alyssa bought Owen all three dinosaurs.

“These three stuffed dinosaurs have more meaning than I ever thought a stuffed animal from Target could have,” she said. “We will hold on to these memories forever!”

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