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These Dudes Shaved Their Beards. We Ask Why. God, Why.

Forget #NoShave November, we want men to keep their beards all year ’round. We’re celebrating beards everywhere by sharing the most impressive chin manes on the internet.

These photos are proof that having hair on your face can do a lot for you. So men, let these images remind you what you once were and why you don’t want to go back.

Shaving To Look Younger

Bored Panda

Why this man ever wanted to shave, I have no idea. His beard was truly impressive.

An upside to shaving is it definitely makes a man look younger, but better? Not usually.


Ginger Beards

Bored Panda

If you’re a ginger male, your beard is your best friend.

Redheads have light eyebrows and eyelashes, so growing a beard defines the facial features and adds in some handsome.


Beard Equals Instant Model

Bored Panda

No matter what you look like, having a beard adds to your sexy. This guy is good looking without, but with? He really stands out and so will you.


The Automatic Way To Become A Hipster

Bored Panda

Forget clothing, growing a beard is all you need to do to change your style of dress.

This guy went from pretty boy to hipster simply by growing a stash and beard. Oh, and don’t forget that side part.


Beards Mature You

Bored Panda

Some guys just have a baby face. No matter what they do, they don’t get the respect they deserve simply because they always look 17.

Growing a beard grows you up.


Beards Are Just Cool

Bored Panda

I had to add this guy in because his beard is the icing on an already very geeky cake. The Spider-Man shirt and the glasses are even better with that facial hair.

Let it be inspiration.


Beards Make You Less Creepy

Bored Panda

This nice man is proof that without a beard you might end up looking like a Russian spy or Mormon. Grow the beard and be less creepy.


Have A Bigger Nose? Keep Your Beard

Bored Panda

Men with large noses always look better with beards. The beard balances the face and narrows the nose. This guy is a good example of that.


Beards Help Out Skinny Men

Bored Panda

If you’re a naturally skinny male or have recently lost weight and notice that your face is a bit sunken in, growing a beard will fill you out.


Beards Make Your Eyes Pop

Bored Panda

Women have makeup to accentuate their eyes, men have hair. A shaven face can wash out your most brilliant features. Growing a beard will draw out your eyes, rendering every woman you meet speechless.

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