Where you came from ?! These Dogs Give This Returning Soldier The Best Welcome Home
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These Dogs Give This Returning Soldier The Best Welcome Home She Could Have Ever Hoped For

We all miss our loved ones when they’re away for an extended period of time, but that feeling is amplified by a million when they’re away and in potentially dangerous situations.

That’s the emotional rollercoaster for the loved ones of men and women serving in the military, and when they return home, the reunions are always heartwarming.

A woman named Heather recently returned home from military service and she got one of the best welcomes she could have hoped for, and it came from her dogs!

An Injury Led To Some Time With Family, Friends, And Of Course… The Dogs!

Heather had been away for six months as she completed her military occupation training with the Army. She left family and friends, but perhaps even sadder, she left her three gorgeous German Shepherds at home.

She wouldn’t have been home for a few more months, but with an injury sidelining her from training, Heather was permitted to go home for two weeks to recoup. That meant a brief reunion with family, friends, and of course, her three dogs.

The joyous welcome she got was absolutely incredible!


She Filmed The Entire Thing

Fortunately for us, Heather decided to film the entire interaction and put it on YouTube.

She sat casually on the couch, military bag on the floor beside her and boots still on while she waiting for her dogs to return home. Her plan was to continue sitting there as per usual and see how her dogs reacted.

Heather expected the dogs to be enthusiastic, but she could have never hoped for such a beautiful welcome home from her pups!


They Went Bananas! 

As soon as the three dogs walked into the house and saw Heather sitting on the couch, they lost their minds!

They all battled for time with their owner, leaping on top of her and showering her with wet kisses and a face full of fur. Tails were wagging in hyper-speed and the happiness from the dogs and Heather can be felt by anyone watching the video.


Everyone says that a dog is a man’s (or woman’s) best friend, and these three amazing dogs definitely demonstrated why it’s nice to have pets to come home to.

We know that Heather will be back to her military training soon and the pups will miss their owner once again, but we hope that they get lots of quality time together over the next couple of weeks!

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