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Energetic Dog Disrupts a Soccer Game to the Delight of Fans

The fans got a special surprise during a soccer match in Argentina between San Lorenzo and Arsenal di Sarandi: a cute and most playful dog rushed into the field, disrupted the play, and captured the attention of both the fans and the players.


A New Player is Born

TyC Sports shared a video of the incident via Twitter and the post went viral, earning 17,000 likes and almost 10,000 shares. In the clip, one can see the small brown dog bouncing happily towards the field and stealing the soccer ball away from the players. Incidentally, the furry intruder portrayed some mad soccer skills, handling the ball like a born champ. The announcers were joking and commenting on this hilarious occasion, and both fans and players marveled at the dog, which seemed to have the time of his life, running around on the professional field as if it were the neighbor’s front lawn.


Fun Time is Over

After they allowed the pup some fun time, the players and the staff tried to take the ball away from him. However, the pup would have none of it and continued playing, driving the ball like an undiscovered Messi, until two arena employees had to work together in order to get the dog’s attention and carry it away.

When the dog’s match was set and done, a reporter from TyC Sports tried to get his version of the event, but the energetic pup was short on words. He simply bit the microphone cover and refused to let it go.

Nobody knew where the dog came from, but clearly, he had perfect timing as he was able to get the ball after an out-of-bounds hit, way ahead of everyone who wanted to retrieve it.

The San Lorenzo team won the match 1-0 and some fans are crediting the dog for being a good luck charm.


It has been reported that since the dog is a stray, the stadium’s ground-keeper will adopt him. Furthermore, the now famous pup will be invited to work on the grounds together with other pups. His assignment? Protecting the planted grass seeds during repair by chasing the birds away so the seeds could take hold. No one doubts that the mischievous intruder will be up for the task.

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