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Dog Casually Joins Chamber Orchestra Concert Onstage in Turkey

The Vienna Chamber of Orchestra has always been popular among individuals who love classical music but when they performed at the Great Theater of Ephesus in Turkey on June 20, they had an unexpected special guest. The orchestra must have appealed to the taste of one classical-music-loving dog who decided to listen to the performance on-stage, front and center.



Turkish pianist Fazil Say tweeted a video of the moment with a caption that said in part: “Cutest moment in classical music. Vienna Chamber Orchestra”.

The tweet and video exploded on Twitter, receiving almost 9,000 likes and over 5,000 retweets.

The orchestra was performing at that time as part of the 31st International Izmir Festival organized by Izmir Foundation for Culture, Arts, and Education (IKSEV).



In the video, one can see a light colored Labrador casually taking a stroll towards the orchestra as the group was playing Mendelssohn’s “Italian Symphony No. 4.”

After reaching the side of one violinist, the dog decided to get more comfortable by sitting beside the violinist’s feet.

The crowd welcomed the dog’s presence with applause, cheers, and laughter. Even the musicians themselves smiled and chuckled as they continued playing when they noticed the dog.

The festival organizer reported that the dog stayed on stage for about five minutes before deciding to take an exit.

While most social media comments focused on how “cute” and “adorable” the incident was, many dog lovers were more interested in getting more information about the current condition of the dog.



One Twitter reply on Fazil’s tweet and video, read: “But what happened with the dog? He looks thin. Was he fed? Given safe shelter”. This sentiment was repeated by a number of  other Twitter users as well.

Stray dogs are quite common in Turkey and according to Animal Behavior Associates, Inc., they usually roam alone rather than in groups. Most are friendly and tolerant of approach and contact with humans.

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