Where you came from ?! Shelter Dog Does Happy Dance When He Finds Out He's Getting Adopted
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Shelter Dog Does Happy Dance When He Finds Out He’s Getting Adopted

Some dogs spend their lives in shelters without being adopted by formal owners. This heartbreaking story of Dreadlock, the sheltered dog, is not uncommon, since most furry pets are left when their owners lose interest in them. Unwanted dogs are often left to fend for themselves and sometimes the harsh realities of life can leave them helpless and most of the time neglect leads to death. But little Dreadlock has been gaining notoriety lately after he wowed the internet with his beautiful happy dance after he learned he would be getting adopted.

Happy Dance

Soi Dog Foundation

Dreadlock is no stranger to that fate, but his fate came with a twist as he was taken into a dog shelter in Thailand. The 10-year old dog acquired the name Dreadlock because his hair was filthy and knotted when he first came to the shelter.

DreadlockThe Soi Dog Foundation

He also had a severe skin condition when he was initially brought in but recuperated well with the help of volunteers who spent hours caring for him and providing him with love only a responsible pet owner can give. But this is not enough for any dog. Every dog would want to have an owner who would solely care for them and provide them with what they need.


The Soi Dog Foundation

Spending four years of his life at the Soi Dog Foundation and looking for the love of a responsible pet owner, Dreadlock’s shelter days came to a close after a British family decided to adopt him as a new family member.

The shelter posted the video of the exciting moment when he learned that he would soon be getting a forever home. The video was circulated on social media and has garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

Dreadlock was so excited that he excitedly runs around and barks out of excitement for the good news.


The Soi Dog Foundation

Every dog deserves a happy family, and Dreadlock has found his family and a forever home.

Watch the video of his beautiful happy dance here:

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