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New Doctor Who Trailer Shows Demise of a Major Character

Doctor Who is back and the new trailer is out. Fans of the show may have to say goodbye to yet another Doctor Who companion as the trailer clearly shows the demise of Bill Potts. The character has been played by Pearl Mackie and has had her share of adventures with the Doctor, the 12th in the series. The newest Doctor is portrayed by Peter Capaldi.

Doctor Who Bill Potts

The 30-second trailer was played at the end of the most recent episode. The episode, called “Knock Knock” was followed by a teaser for the upcoming 10th season of the show. At the end, Bill was seen floating through space and was on the verge of death. She was seen floating near the space station and looked to have run out of oxygen. Her face appears mottled and she is seen unconscious. The teaser is a preview for the next episode, “Oxygen.”

Doctor Who

The Doctor and his crew has been sent to a distressed space ship. They find that, of the 40 person crew, only four are still alive. The rest have been killed by their own space suits. When the survivors start to run out of oxygen, they are forced to don the suits, which have a short lifespan. They only have about 3,000 breaths to take while in the suits. He tells his terrified crew, “If we want to keep breathing, we have exactly one option.” Footage of the station’s crew being strangled by the suits themselves is shown.

Knock Knock Has Been Called One of the Scariest Doctor Who Episodes

“Knock Knock” has been called one of the scariest episodes of the series. It features a house that eats people and a more-than-shady landlord. Below is the trailer for this super scary episode. One thing that is for sure is that Doctor Who fans and buffs should not be disappointed by the new season.

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