Where you came from ?! Divers Uncover 70-Year Mystery in the Dark Depths of the Pacific Ocean
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Divers Uncover 70-Year-Old Mystery in the Dark Depths of the Pacific Ocean

1. Marshall Islands Dives

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean lie a series of 29 Islands called the Marshall Islands. They sit atop ancient submerged volcanoes rising from the ocean floor. The waters hold much beauty and many secrets, including one that only a lucky few get to see in real life.



Though today the islands looks like an idyllic tropical paradise, in 1944, it was the center of fierce fighting during World War II. In fact, many of the atolls in the area are uninhabited due to nuclear contamination from US testing during the Cold War period. Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped curious explorers.

2. Aquatic Debris

An expedition around the islands reveals something interesting. In many spots, the seafloor is littered with large, metal debris. Massive hulls of broken metal and glass protrude through the bottom of the ocean, long rusted and overtaken by the marine flora.

Diver Planes

Brandi Mueller Via Mashable

For years, the sheer depth of the ocean floor made it near impossible to dive to this site and revisit the bizarre items resting on the bottom of the ocean. Though it was known the items were there, dives to the sites were incredibly difficult and few had been able to see what was really underwater, save for a number of daring expert divers.

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