Where you came from ?! This Guy Tries to Date 6 Women in 1 Night and it Marvelously Backfires
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This Guy Tries to Date 6 Women in 1 Night and it Marvelously Backfires

We’ve all seen that scene in a movie where some guy winds up with two dates in the same restaurant. Much to the viewer’s delight, we watch the “playboy” scramble around from girl to girl in an attempt to pull off the impossible. As funny as this is, surely no one is silly enough to attempt this in real life… right?

Sadly, some people just never learn. One man decided to pull off the idiotic feat of booking not two, not four but six dates in one night. Let’s see how bad he messes this one up.

It Started Off As A Normal Night Out

Lisette Pylant’s date started off like most dates do in Washington D.C.

It was Saturday night, the town was alive with the buzz of the weekend and Lisette had a birthday to celebrate. Now, most people want to spend their birthday with friends and family, but Lisette’s friends decided to give her the ultimate gift – a blind date.

six dates

Inside Edition

Reluctantly, she went along with it, but no one could have predicted what the following hours were to bring. Thankfully, Lisette documented the shenanigans on Twitter.

Chaos Ensues

Even before Lisette met up with her date, the warning flags were up. She met the guy at a bar her friend works at but before she even got there, the bartender friend texted her that the date “sucks” and she should “run.” Yet, she stuck it out.

Lisette Pylant/Twitter

Not even 45 minutes into the date, Lisette tweeted “45 mins in his next date shows up because he double books himself.” Lisette decides to play along before getting the second date in on her plan. Together the two are on a mission to make this guy  feel like the “f***boy” he clearly is.”

Everyone Gets In On The Fun

After a while, date number three arrives and it’s not long before the two other girls recruit her for their mission. Eventually, the entire bar staff and bouncer are in on the whole thing.

That’s when girl four shows up. Meanwhile, the three other girls become great friends and enjoy some drinks at the bar. That’s when they see date number five walk through the door. Before she can fall into this man’s evil clutches, the group snatch her up, filling her in on the details.

Alexandra Woody/Twitter

Eventually, the man caught on and confessed to Lisette that he scheduled multiple dates in the same place (big surprise). He then attempted some sob story, but the girls were too smart to fall for it.

Just as he was leaving, defeated, date six walks through the door. Suffice to say, that one didn’t work out either. Hopefully, we all learned a valuable lesson here today. And from the looks of things, Lisette made some lifelong friends!

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