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Damascus: A New Hope

While the internal struggle in Damascus has been 7 years of brutal conflict leaving over 320,000 dead, people on both sides had no idea just how long and devastating the war would be.

While many hear about the horrors of the conflict, little focus has been put on just how it all happened. The conflict started in 2011 with peaceful protests calling on Bashar Al-Assad (Syrian President) to reform civil rights.

This was of course after Assad won another 7 year election term in 2014, taking 88.7% of the votes, making it the first contested presidency in Syrian history, which might come as a shock and wake up call for many from more “democratic” countries.

Behind the Curtain

It seems what stirred up much of the controversy in the Syrian Civil War in Damascus was Assad’s policies. Upon further investigation of Assad, one finds out that his rise to presidency came about because his older brother died in an alleged car crash.

In 2014 the United Nations also reported on evidence that implemented Assad in war crimes. Yet, Russia continues to back Assad and the Syrian government, while the United States is backing the rebels, occupying Syrian territory without permission, also known on the global stage as an act of war.

Why Damascus?

So the real question isn’t how the bombs are flying, but why? What are these big players the US and Russia so interested in Damascus for?

Well it turns out that there are currently two countries in the world that don’t trade in petrodollars, the US hated Iran, and Syria.

petro motivations in Damascus


According to Daily Kos, “If these two countries joined forces, got Venezuela on their side, maybe a few other countries, and then made an economic treaty with the BRICS nations, an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, to buy their oil in a currency other than the US dollar, the economy would collapse.”

So as usual it seems that there is an underlying interest here. This also brings in to question whether the UN is interested in freedom for Syrians and civil rights, or control of the global economy?

The Good News

While this all sounds bad from every angle, recently there has been a scale-back of military involvement from all parties in recent months.

Damascus peace talks

Sean Gallup/GettyImages

Turkey has entered peace talks with Syria and Trump doesn’t seem to have any more vested interest in the conflict, which may mean the long war is finally coming to a close.

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