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90-Year-Old Czech Grandma Hand Paints Houses with Flowers and Turns Her Village Into an Art Gallery

An artistic grandma named Anezka (Agnes) Kasparkova from Louka, Czech Republic spends most of her time expressing creativity by painting flowers. And she does this not on canvas, but the whole town.



Elite Readers featured the story on its website saying that the old woman “spends every spring and summer season dressing the windows and door frames of the houses in her village with her majestic designs.”

Donning windows and wood frames with intricate floral designs “inspired by the traditional Moravian artwork” says the same media outlet, Anezka wanted to make her village stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.



A similar pursuit was previously done in a Polish village where houses were adorned with colorful flower paintings. The town of Zalipie, south-east of Poland,  tried to cover up smoke residue caused by the furnace with little flowers which eventually covered the entire village.

Anezka paints every detail by hand and her artistic finesse can be seen with every detail she puts on her murals. The old artist previously worked as a local farmer but developed her artistic hobby in the late years because of the influence of another local who did the same feat several years ago.


Hodonínský Deník

The mural painter says, “I am an artist. I enjoy it and I want to help.” Her adeptness is a blessing to the town as she willingly shares her talent even without any compensation.

Using a vivid blue color and a small paint brush, her village has been given life and character. The intricacy of the designs also make you wonder if the mural was created by a professional painter.



To top the good news, Anezka “is already 90-years old.” but still finds time to go around town to leave her own imprint. Something not everybody can offer in their ripe old age.

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