Where you came from ?! People Who Did Something So Crazy, It Made Us Look At Life Differently
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7 People Who Did Something So Crazy, It Made Us Look At Life Completely Differently

For the past two decades, the internet has closed the distance between the three billion people who use it across the globe. This infinite connectivity has made it easier than ever to learn new things and share our personal stories. Today, we’re looking at people who have spent their lives conducting unique social experiments.

Thanks to the internet, they’ve shared their adventures with the world. Enjoy!


The Potato-Only Diet

Plant Based News

Andrew Taylor wanted to get in shape, so he tried something drastic: He switched to a potato-only diet for an entire year. Does that sound crazy to you? It worked for him. He lost 110 pounds and couldn’t be happier.

“The best thing is that I’m in control of my addiction now,” he wrote on Facebook. “I haven’t binged or eaten any junk since 2015.”


It’s A Victorian Thing


For a life that’s part live action roleplay and part performance art, try this.

Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman took Victorian-era life for a spin, ditching modern technology, recipes, and everything in between. They ended up seeing the comforts of today in a totally different light. Sarah authored a book about their experience called This Victorian Life.


Come Up With A Work Uniform

Harper’s Bazaar

Matilda Kahl decided to wear the same kinds of clothing to work for a whole year. Black pants, white blouse, case closed. The simplicity helped save her tons of time in the morning, completely eliminating the frustration that sometimes comes with wondering what to wear.


Take Control Of Your Clothes


“These black trousers and white blouses have become an important daily reminder that, frankly, I’m in control,” she wrote for Harper’s Bazaar. “Today, I not only feel great about what I wear,” she said. “I don’t think about what I wear.”


Growing Up Without Gadgets

Childhood Unplugged

Niki Boon is a mother of four and a photographer who lives on a farm with her family. As she welcomed her children into the world, she decided to raise them without digital gadgets, excessive technology, and television. She shares her photos and tells their stories on her Instagram profile, @nikiboonphoto.


Signing Off For Twelve Months

The Verge

Journalist Paul Miller decided to take a plunge that most of us simply couldn’t. He signed off and spent a year of his life without using the internet.

He’d been online since he was 12 years old, but was motivated by seeing what life would be like without the internet for that long. After writing a book, losing 11 pounds, and improving his concentration, he’s back online.


The Web Isn’t About The Individual

The Verge

“The internet isn’t an individual pursuit,” he wrote at the end of his experiment as he signed back on for the first time in a year. “It’s something we do with each other. The internet is where people are.”


Two Decades Without Income

The Penny Hoarder

This takes minimalism to the next level. Heidemarie Schwermer gave away all of her belongings and decided to try living for one year without money. By exchanging work and services for food and housing, she ended up living for 20 years without money. It worked for her—she’s been a public speaker and appeared on television shows many, many times over the years.


She Calls Herself A Peace Pilgrim

Living Without Money

Does that sound difficult? It is. This devotion requires serious dedication and a lot of hard work, but it’s been a deeply satisfying journey for Heidemarie.

“I am something like a peace pilgrim,” she told Business Insider. “I go from house to house sharing my philosophy.”


Zero Waste Makes For Total Happiness

The Blissful Mind

Bea Johnson took “reduce, reuse, recycle” to the end of the earth when she decided to pursue a life without trash. She and her family only use products that can be recycled, leading to just two pounds of trash in total through an entire year. That takes serious effort!

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