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Another Defeat for Trump: Court Refuses to Support Travel Ban

In a bid to strengthen national security, U.S President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order barring citizens from countries populated heavily by Muslims, but a judge overruled the ban by granting a transient restraining order. This news came hours after the billionaire businessman said that he was confident he would eventually win the court battle over his ban on people from Muslim-majority countries traveling to U.S.A. The temporary restraining order proposed by judge James Robart, 69 was unanimously supported by a panel of three judges, namely Richard Clifton, Mitchelle T. Friedland, and William Cany voted at the 9th U.S Court of Appeals in San Fransisco.

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Releasing a 29-page long dossier, the judges remarked that the Trump administration had largely failed to provide sufficient evidence of the fact that urgent implementation of the travel ban was pivotal to the nation’s security. They further argued that while the public does have immense interest in the country’s security, and the elected president’s ability to enact policies, but on other other hand, the public also believes in freedom of travel, as it contributes to avoiding separation between families and also brings freedom from discrimination.

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Trump’s supporters have pointed that former President Obama had apparently singled out the involved seven countries and favored certain travelers to pass an interview and get a visa to U.S. However, Obama has apparently sent out a message via his spokesman saying that he vehemently disagrees with Trump’s order as it reeks of religious discrimination and does absolutely nothing to promote unity.

A defiant Trump has defended his executive order saying that he needed to prevent the bad people from entering U.S.A. In a tweet that went viral on Twitter, he stated that if the travel ban was announced with a seven-day notice, the bad people would rush to the U.S during that week.In a conversation with the reporters, Trump said that he would accuse the judiciary in case there were terror attacks in the U.S while the ban was blocked. Dismissing the ruling as a political move, Trump said that he would definitely get his way around and win in the end.

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Trump has also fired attorney general Sally Yates on the grounds of showing indifference in backing up the travel ban. Criticizing her for taking a weak stance on illegal immigration, Trump said that Yates has betrayed the law by refusing to implement a legal order devised to secure the citizens of U.S.

The case will most probably end up being judged in the U.S Supreme Court. The ruling would mean that citizens of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Somalia could continue to enter U.S.A if they have visas. Even refugees who have been turned away from America will be allowed entry.

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