Where you came from ?! These Couples Recreated Their Most Romantic Photos Decades Later
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These Couples Recreated Their Most Romantic Photos Decades Later

It’s not every day that you see a couple who has already proven their commitment to each other over decades. With skyrocketing divorce rates, it can seem like long-lasting pairs are becoming less and less common. That said, these adorable couples are here to reassure you that love isn’t dead just yet…


The Flower Girl And The Ring Bearer

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Family members witnessing this itty-bitty pair walk down the aisle the first time had no idea they’d be seeing the same thing happen decades later.


Still Crazy In Love After All These Years

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After spending a whopping seven-and-a-half decades together, this couple is still going strong. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.


Childhood Sweethearts

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Thomas and Irene Howard met before they were old enough to get their drivers licenses. Seventy years later, they’re more in love than they ever were.


Not Just For Show

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After acting out a pretend-wedding for a carnival as children, it seemed their romantic fate was sealed. They stayed together for the remainder of their lives.


Aging With Grace

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This couple hardly looks any different from the pictures of them together taken decades before. They are even able to sport the very same outfits!


Remixing The Original

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This couple’s first wedding picture was cute enough as it is. Their remake of it years down the road, however, is priceless. What a pair!


Through Good Times And Bad

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If sixty years of devoted marriage wasn’t already enough to impress you, the fact that this couple managed to stick together through intense military service surely will.


Keeping Up With The Joneses

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Thirty-five years after taking their beetle out on a road trip across America, this couple decided it was time to do it again – in the very same car.


A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words

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Everything about this adorable wedding photo recreation is spot-on. The look on her face shows just how in love they still are after all those years.


Timeless Style

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This pair was barely old enough to walk when they met in pre-school. Their taste in partners (and in clothes) appears to have remained the same ever since.

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