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Couple Together 30 Years, But Hid a Dark Secret the Whole Time

When people have been together for a long time, it’s usually a cause to celebrate. Life throws many punches, and sadly, the love some couples share isn’t able to endure them all. This couple has been together an astonishing 30 years. But unlike most couples, their relationship is based on a dark secret that they’ve been keeping for just as long. But they’re finally ready to tell their story, and after you read it, you’ll hope as much as we do that they find a happy ending.

dark secret


Flashback To The 80s

In 1986, Cheryl Pierson was a 15-year-old high school cheerleader with a happy, normal life, until one night her father decided to brutally rape her. “The more I fought him, the more violent it got,” said Cheryl.


“I was afraid to confront her about it,” said Cheryl’s boyfriend, Rob Cuccio, “We were having an argument and it just came out. I said, ‘I know what your dad is doing to you.’”

After her father threatened to do the same thing to her 8-year-old sister, Cheryl knew it was time to do something, so she told Rob that they had to “take care of him.”

Cheryl began to feel safer as soon as she started plotting her father’s death. Plotting turned into tangible steps of revenge, and then an execution was planned.

The Day Came

Rob hired a hitman named Sean Pica to kill Cheryl’s father, James. Days later, Pica did just that. February that year, Cheryl’s father was assassinated in his driveway in Long Island, New York. Peca shot him five times in the head and chest.



The couple didn’t trust the police with their safety initially, so they took matters into their own hands. After it was all finished, they told the police everything. “I just walked in and told the detectives what was going on,” Rob said. Pica followed their lead, and was sentenced 8 years less than he would’ve gotten without a confession. He was released after 16 years in prison.

Cheryl served only three months. When she got out, Rob was waiting with a limo. Nine months after his sweet proposal, the couple was wed.

Years Later…

Flash forward 30 years, Rob and Cheryl’s love has only grown. They now have two adult daughters named Sam and Casey. “It’s so hard to think about my mother going through what she did but we’re both very proud of her,” said Casey.


The story of this courageous couple recently resurfaced because they’ve chosen to release a book, the title: Incest, Murder and a Miracle. It’s a message aimed to help liberate victims of sexual assault.

“No matter how dark the tunnel, you just keep walking,” said Rob. That’s exactly what the couple did. Their love got them to the other side. “He’s always been my rock,” said Cheryl.

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