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Got The Travel Bug? Avoid These 10 Countries, Said To Be The World’s Most Dangerous



Whether you travel for business or pleasure, listen up! The International SOS and Control Risks have released their annual “travel risk map” highlighting the most dangerous countries for tourists to visit in 2018. Avoid them at all costs. Of course, if you’ve already booked your flight to one of these places in the coming year, we’ll offer some advice on staying safe where we can.



Washington Times

The State Department issued a warning a few months back that travel to Afghanistan is no longer safe. Terrorist organizations are on the watch for Westerners to take as captives. Hostage situations are on the rise.



The National

Just like Afghanistan, traveling to Iraq as a Westerner puts you at risk for kidnapping, but unlike Afghanistan, the ability of the Embassy to assist you if you’re in trouble is very limited.

Also, according to the New York Times, IEDs hidden in Iraq by ISIS will take years to dismantle, so the grounds aren’t safe.


Russia (Well, A Specific Part)

NY Daily News

Travel to most of Russia should be okay, but avoid Volgograd like the plague.

This area has the world’s most toxic water due to improperly disposed of nuclear waste, and the roads have been listed as some of the most dangerous in the world for their narrow build and hostile checkpoints.



Rebel groups in Sanaa, Yemen have been terrorizing the country and taking Americans as hostages. A few months back, the State Department issued an alert for all Westerners in Yemen to depart as soon as possible because the country is unstable. The threat remains the same.



BBC News

All Embassy operations in Libya have been suspended and the staff relocated because of the infiltration of militias. Foreigners have been urged to stay out of the country.



This is a brand new alert, issued just a few weeks ago. Terrorist groups have put out footage saying they plan to harm Westerners, particularly in the Darfur region. Several aid workers and foreigners have been kidnapped for ransom this past year.



Bamako, Mali is a frequent target of terrorism. Attacks are happening in places like restaurants, nightclubs, and grocery stores too often. The government of Mali has issued a state of emergency and Westerners are urged to avoid the country altogether.



al-Qaida group al-Shabaab and ISIS are both operating in Somalia. Roadblocks and ambushes are unpredictable and frequent, so the State Department issued a warning to anyone considering a trip there.




Travel warnings were issued against Mexico this past August when violence between rival gangs started worsening. The Mexican government has added security to tourist areas and resorts due to increased kidnappings and drug busts that have put civilians in harm’s way.



In March, two attempts to bomb Dhaka’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport were made. Other attacks in various cities have been carried out by ISIS and al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS).

Other plots have been intercepted, so travel warnings have been issued.

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