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5 Cool Things Former President Barack Obama Has Been Doing Lately

It’s been over a year since Barack Obama left office, so how is life treating POTUS 44? While Donald Trump might be hitting the headlines over in Washington D.C., the White House’s former occupier has been busy building his post-Presidential legacy, enjoying some downtime and, we imagine, time out on the golf course. Before leaving office, Obama admitted he was going to miss his time in the Oval Office, but he seems to have fit into civilian life just fine. In fact, he’s never looked happier.

Obama Holidays

After eight years as leader of the free world, it’s not a surprise Obama went straight on holiday. After handing over the keys to the Trumps, Barack and Michelle jetted to Palm Springs for a long weekend before heading to the British Virgin Islands where they stayed on Richard Branson’s private island. Later in the year, the Obamas were photographed white water-rafting in Bali, Indonesia and holidaying in Hawaii. More holidays aren’t the only change the Obamas have been making.

Marie Claire

On The Move

The Obamas decided to stay in Washington D.C. after the end of the presidency and bought a luxury $8.1 million home in the high-class Kalorama neighborhood. While Sasha got to design her own two-room suite, elder sister Malia didn’t hang around long. In September 2017, she headed off to Harvard University. Barack and Michelle were pictured dropping off their eldest daughter at her halls of residence. The former POTUS has since admitted he shed a tear or two saying goodbye.

Town and Country Mag

Legacy Building

While he’s no longer in office, Obama still has a full schedule. He’s made speeches around the world, appeared at the Invictus Games in Canada and worked with all four former Presidents to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. In between all that, he’s revealed plans for the Barack Obama Presidential Center in Chicago. But that’s not the only thing he’s been up to.

W Magazine

Citizen Obama

Just like any other citizen, Obama was required to carry out his civic duty in November and reported for jury duty. The former POTUS’ arrival at the Chicago courthouse wasn’t exactly low-key. He was surrounded by secret service and mobbed by staff and members of the public as he waited to find out if he had been chosen to serve. He was dismissed by the judge without being called and left after just two hours, and a few hundred autographs.

The Guardian

Netflix Takeover

We know Obama performs well on camera, so it was no surprise that the former prez turned out to be David Letterman’s first guest on his new Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. The show debuted in January 2018, with a very chilled looking Obama discussing life post-White House and even revealing a few secrets from his time as POTUS. The Netflix love doesn’t end there. Soon after the episode aired, it was reported Barack and Michelle Obama are in talks with the streaming platform to develop a “production partnership.” According to the New York Times, the political couple is considering appearing on their own TV shows focusing on issues close to their hearts.


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