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Hilton Heir Charged With Felony Car Theft; Refuses to Leave Jail Cell

Conrad Hilton, the 23-year-old heir to Hilton Hotels was arrested after stealing a car that belonged to his ex-girlfriend’s father. However, on the day of his arraignment, Hilton reportedly refused to leave his jail cell to board the bus that was supposed to take him to court.

Conrad Hilton

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Despite not being present inside the court room, Hilton was charged with a felony case as well as two other misdemeanor charges. One case filed against him was for stealing Rick Salomon’s Bentley, while the other two cases were for violating a restraining order held against him by Hunter Daily and for not appearing before the court.

According to sources, the police officers who were tasked to bring the young offender to court could do anything because Hilton refused to come out of his jail cell. It turned out that the only way to get him out of the cell and into the court room would be for a judge to rder the police to bring him there by force.

Conrad Hilton

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According to TMZ, the Hilton family is ready to place a bail bond in exchange for the young man’s hospitalization. E.G. Daily, the mother of Hunter Daily, said in a statement that Hilton has some mental health issues which need to be addressed.

Hilton was apprehended by police officers at E.G. Daily’s house after he took Rick Salomon’s Bentley from his home. He then drove to E.G. Daily’s house where Hunter resides. There, he was apprehended by police officers who prevented him from getting to Hunter.

Conrad Hilton


During the arrest, Conrad lashed out at the officers spitting out racial slurs and homophobic epithets. He also accused the officers of sexually assaulting him as he went berserk. During the incident, he reportedly shouted “I’m Conrad motherf***ing Hilton. Don’t you forget it.” The arrest has been recorded on video.

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