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10 Completely Insane Conspiracy Theories Too Many People Believe



Conspiracy theory: “a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.” There are things that have happened that are too horrible to accept. Conspiracy theorists gain mass followings because, for some, it’s easier to believe any explanation for why things happen rather than accept that we live in a chaotic and cruel world where there aren’t always answers.

Here are 10 of the most popular conspiracy theories and the evidence that disproves them.


The Cure For Cancer Exists

Some people believe the FDA and Big Pharma are keeping the cure for cancer hidden, which would indeed be heartbreaking if it were true.


The Sun

But then you realize that releasing the cure would make Big Pharma way more money than hiding it.


The Illuminati Controls Us All

The Daily Beast

The Bavarian Illuminati group started in 1776 with a purpose to oppose religious influence over society and stop any abuses of power.

Jay-Z and Beyonce are rumored to be members because of song lyrics that seem to suggest the group is still in power.

Proof the illuminati isn’t real: the “secret” organization is no secret and it’d be really hard to control the entire human population.


9/11 Was An Inside Job


“Truthers” believe the U.S. Government attacked its own people because it wanted to invade the Middle East.

They believe the government used missiles to blow up the World Trade Center. There’s only one problem with that theory, engineers claim only jet fuel could’ve burnt through that steel.

Oh, and the government has always interfered in world affairs when it sees fit. It doesn’t have to kill 3,000 of its citizens to do so.


Chemtrails Are Poisoning Us

Huffington Post

Chemtrails from planes disappear quickly, but then there are some trails that don’t. People believe those trails are a way for the U.S. Government to control its population.

But scientists argue those trails last longer due to atmospheric conditions, not deadly chemicals.


Bob Marley Was Killed By The CIA

Marley was going to alert his fans of a CIA plot to bring down the Jamaican Prime Minister. Soon after, the CIA delivered a pair of boots to his home with a copper wire inside that injured his foot.

Some believe that a carcinogenic toxin in that wire led to Marley’s death, but his manager countered those claims saying that Marley had an open wound that wouldn’t heal for years.

Doctors found that to be the source of his illness, and it was a brain tumor that killed him.


Tupac Is Still Alive

Forensic evidence shows that Tupac Shakur was gunned down inside his car in Vegas, but many fans believe it was all staged to help Tupac escape to Cuba where he could find some peace from all the East Coast-West Coast violence.

The only problem is the police report. Officer Chris Carroll said he watched Tupac bleed out from multiple gunshots wounds that had compromised vital organs. And, you know, Tupac’s body.


The Earth Is Flat


Though all the evidence points to the Earth being round, lots of people still believe it’s flat. They believe that NASA is trying to keep people ignorant, going so far as giving us false images of our planet. For what reason? They never say.

If you say the Earth is flat, scientists will laugh at you, because what about the way the sun orbits, the time zones, the different shadows, how eclipses show us the Earth’s shape…?


The Man On The Grassy Knoll

NY Daily News

We have been told that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President John F. Kennedy in 1963, but a surprisingly large number of people believe Oswald was not the killer.

Some believe the CIA assassinated Kennedy over what happened at the Bay of Pigs and leave Oswald out of the picture completely, but the FBI stated that hundreds of people would’ve had to be involved to pull that off and, “this isn’t a Hollywood movie. The autopsy confirmed Oswald’s shot from behind the president.”


The Holocaust Never Happened

There are people who believe that Hitler did not kill six million Jews, but instead, deported them.

This is probably the most offensive conspiracy theory out there, since loved ones have seen the dead bodies of their kin with their own eyes.

That should be enough, but the U.S. Army has documentation written by the hands of German commanders. Not to mention, seized Nazi films of Jewish torture.

U.S. Army soldiers attest to the horror they saw inside the concentration camps and those stories haven’t been forgotten with each passing generation.


Pearl Harbor Was Propaganda

Some believe that President Roosevelt knew about the attack coming to Pearl Harbor but did nothing to stop it in order to go to war with Germany.

Inside intelligence has commented that this specific conspiracy theory ignores a vital truth: American intelligence of WWII wasn’t what it is now. Sorting through threats that quickly wasn’t a thing.

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