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Cleft Lip Condition Brings Foster Dad and Orphan Together

An Atlanta dad shares his inspiring story of having cleft lip and adopting Hattie, a little girl who was born with the same condition.

Hattie cleft lip

USA Today

It was during Brian Pierce’s honeymoon with wife Molly when they met and made friends with a family who had adopted a daughter from China 12 years ago. Even before the chance encounter, the Pierces had always leaned towards the tendency to adopting in the future. The unexpected meeting with an adoptive couple only confirmed their decision.

Even after having had a child of their own, the Pierces carried on with their plans to adopt. A year after their daughter’s birth, they decided to push through with an adoption. The couple informed the adoption agency of Brian’s having had a cleft lip and palate in his youth, underscoring that it was a condition that they were more than ready to handle.

Hattie cleft lip

Upon receiving the smiling photo of the baby to be adopted, the aspiring foster dad felt instantly connected with little Hattie. His better half Molly said: “She smiles with her eyes.” It was the very same statement she made during their second date.

It took ten months before the excited couple was able to bring home their new addition to the family, and their daughter and family dog were equally excited. Little Hattie underwent surgery at the same hospital her new dad received the operation almost 40 years ago.

The proud dad reveals that while he was constantly teased for his scar when he was little, the now 4-year-old Hattie can never be happier and socially healthy. He said: “She’s magnetic. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. All the other kids like to play with her.”

cleft lip

ABC News

As for sisterly love, Hattie found a best friend in her 5-year-old big sister. And although the two little girls share a love for soccer, their coach suggests that they shouldn’t play on the field at the same game because “they’ll just hold hands and ignore the soccer ball.”

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