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A Cinematic Beauty and the Beast of a PR Problem

Many are aware that the new remake of Disney’s animated classic, Beauty and the Beast is returning to the big screen. Only this time, it is coming back with a live action cast along with the stunning CGI cinematics that we have all come to know and love over the past years.

beauty and the beast

Stuart C. Wilson/Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Disney

What people don’t know is that while the remake looks stunning and has many people excited to satisfy their “member berry” itch, it appears the remake has had a bit of a public relations problem.

This has been happening frequently to Disney as of late, first with Moana, now Beauty and the Beast. But what about a wholesome Disney classic could people possibly be upset about?

A Queer New Take

It turns out that the source of the controversy surrounding this otherwise greatly anticipated movie originates from a plot alteration. Specifically, LeFou, Gaston’s sidekick, is openly gay in the movie.

gay lefou

Taylor Hill/GettyImages

This has sparked some turmoil in the Disney fandom, one that isn’t always as picturesque as the Disney world itself. Some religious groups and Malaysia specifically have banned the Beauty and the Beast remake for the sole fact that LeFou is gay. This is a bit bizarre considering the movie is about a woman falling in love with an animal.

Some have even gone as far as to accuse Disney of attempting to start a kind of queervolution to force homosexual acceptance on impressionable children.

The Mass Effect

While some seem to be concerned with this new, quite purposeful move from Disney to represent the gay community, they certainly seem to be in the minority. Only one country thus far has banned the movie, as well as a few church funded/sponsored theaters, ones that also would not screen “Harry Potter”, as the movies depict, “witchcraft”.

beauty and the beast

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Overall the general sentiment seems to be excitement for the movie. To those that are upset about this recent development, the beauty (see what I did there) of our culture is that they have the freedom to simply not watch it.

Basically, the beast here is the realization that when you introduce an idea or movie to virtually everyone on the planet all at once, there is always going to be someone who is upset by it. So perhaps the best attitude to take on here is a “live and let live” sentiment, which is quite eloquently a central plot theme of Beauty and the Beast itself.

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