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Sobbing Dad Cradles His Dead Twins After Chemical Attack in Syria

Abdul Hamid Youssef lost his twins, wife, and 20 more relatives in the chemical attack in Idlib, Syria. The chemical weapons were released while most people are asleep, poisoning citizens to death.

chemical attack kills twins

Alaa Al Youssef

Youssef narrated to CNN how he tried to save his family. As soon as he heard rumbles and panic, he hurried to check if his 9-months-old twins were okay. Seeing that they were apparently uninjured, he handed them to his wife so he could check his relatives. As soon as he walked out of the door, there were already people falling in the street. He arrived at his parents’ house only to find out that his two brothers were dead.
Knowing how deadly the attack was, he returned to his home to check his family, but they were already trembling and their mouths were producing foam. “They had all been on the floor,” he told CNN.

Chemical attack kills 25 family members

Hadi Al Abdullah

Youssef’s 25 family members who live in Khan Sheikhoun were among the 75 victims who died from what survivors call it as the deadliest chemical attack in Syria.  Youssef turned to the international community for not listening to the people in the country.
In an interview with CNN, he said, “What international community is this that doesn’t listen to people? Is there even a humanitarian conscience still? There aren’t any left. And all the Arab leaders, they’re all asleep! And the US does whatever suits its interests. And the Russians have their own interests with Bashar, their tyrant. My children aren’t the first to be martyred.”

Mounzer Mounzer meeting about chemical attack

Drew Angerer/GettyImages

Speculations arose that the chemical attack in Idlib,  a rebel-held area, was believed to be masterminded by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. However, Mounzer Mounzer, Syria’s deputy ambassador to the UN denied the use of chemical weapons.

He said, “Syria also reaffirms that the Syrian Arab Army does not have any form or type of chemical weapons. We have never used them and we will never use them. However, survivors who are being treated in Turkey narrated that they saw chemical bombs falling from the sky.

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