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Changes Are Afoot at the White House

President Trump’s White House has been referred to as having a “Game of Thrones” type atmosphere, where rival factions fight for power. A lot has been made this week of a rift between son in law, Jared Kushner and senior advisor, Steve Bannon. The latter was removed from his position at the National Security Council (NSC) earlier in the week. Many insiders do not think that he will last too much longer in a Kushner/Ivanka powered West Wing. Now it seems, Bannon may not be the only casualty of the turmoil in the White House. The next to go may be Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

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While President Donald Trump got some of his best press of his presidency this week when he ordered air strikes against Syria, most experts agree that his tenure has been a rocky one. From the failed attempts at travel bans to hie failure to even get a vote for his health care plan, chaos has been the order of the day. For a man that prizes winning above all else, this has been very frustrating for Trump. He has taken to talking to friends about what they think of his team. The answer that has come back has been to stop the in fighting.

The New york Times

The New York Times

The White House is not a family business.

The problem can be traced back to the way “the Donald” liked to run his businesses. Throughout the campaign, he said he would run the White House the same way that he ran his businesses. In those areas, chaos was helpful to him. By keeping everyone fighting among themselves, Trump was able to keep more control over what would happen. The end decision was always his and no one really felt all that secure in what they were doing.

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This may have been an effective way to run a family business but as MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle said this week, this is no way to run a government. This may be the reason the president is considering a shakeup of his team.

While making high level changes to the West Wing team is not unusual, it is for it to happen so early in a presidency.


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