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5 Funny Celebrity Run-ins That Prove You Should Never Meet Your Heroes

Want to meet your favorite celebrity? You might want to rethink that. These five people who got the chance to do so lived to regret it, in a hilarious fashion. They found out that celebrities are still people, and (sometimes) it’s obvious they just can’t even. Hopefully, they have better interactions in the future!

St. Alfonso Ribeiro Of Bel-Air

Sometimes people can’t see past the character an actor is best known for playing. This guy got the chance to meet Alfonso Ribeiro, perhaps best-known for playing Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He chose to pose for a photo doing the character’s iconic and awkward dance, The Carlton. Fortunately, Alfonso has a good sense of humor.


JT And Humility

Arrogance can be oddly charming. One fan got to find out how charming Justin Timberlake really is! When he found himself alone with JT on an elevator, he told him he dug his sound. Justin didn’t thank him. Instead, he replied, “You should, I get paid for it.” How charming is that? Almost as charming as Gene Simmons.

Kare 11

Brutal Honesty Or Just Brutal?

It’s always fun getting to meet someone famous for doing something you enjoy. Well, not always. One aspiring musician got to meet KISS bassist Gene Simmons backstage. He even got to play guitar for the Demon. Gene even said he played pretty good. That’s awesome! Then he said “Too bad you’ll never make it.” That’s not as awesome, but his honesty should be commended.


Why’s She Unhappy?

Sometimes famous people just want to be treated like regular people. Sometimes they do not. One fan found that out while sitting next to Rachel Weisz on an airplane. A pleasant conversation became less fun when the actress became withdrawn and upset. Apparently, Rachel prefers to be acknowledged for who she is. We like a star who keeps it real!

The Indian Express

Avril’s Apathy

Some people would give anything for the chance to meet their favorite singer. Sometimes that “anything” translates to money for meet-and-greets. But sometimes life on the road can take its toll. That was the case for Avril Lavigne during a meet-and-greet session in 2014, and the proof was in the painful pics. But kudos to her for showing up, despite clearly being exhausted.


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