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Arnold Schwarzenegger Debuts As Host on The New Celebrity Apprentice

After Donald Trump stepped aside from hosting the modestly popular TV show Celebrity Apprentice to lay the groundwork for his presidential bid, which he won last year, it was hard to predict who would fill the self-proclaimed billionaire-turned president elect’s shoes. Initially, he had expected to use his heightened popularity as a pivot to lift the show to greater heights, a prospect that quickly died after it was conceived.

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Come September 2015, NBC has decided that former California Governor, movie star, and competitive bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger was the best choice to replace Trump. This is something that sparked renewed interest in the show which was previously on a steep decline to obsoleteness. Although Trump (controversially) remains the executive producer of the show for which he receives a fee from NBC, it has now become recognized as Schwarzenegger’s New Celebrity Apprentice.

Many people feel that the introduction of the new host, especially one with such caliber of influence, is comparable to dunking a coat of fresh paint on a house that is falling apart. The show is still lacking the depth and realness TV audiences demand these days, especially since nothing about the “participants”, the promised jobs or the obviously made up multi-million dollar startup Schwarzenegger Inc. is real.

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However, seeing the revitalized cast of significantly more prominent sensations including YouTube celebrities, actors, and athletes, people are hopeful that the two-hour long show might just be a tad more palatable than the snooze fest it was fast turning to. What people were really looking forward to, undoubtedly, was Schwarzenegger’s new catch phrase(s).

True to form, “The Governor”, as he preferred to be addressed, did not disappoint. While Trump had managed to turn the phrase “You’re Fired” into his tag line, Schwarzenegger reached into his movie archives and dug up one of the most scintillating catch phrases we’ve seen on television in a while. As the first casualty of the show, Carrie Keagan, was being let go, Schwarzenegger settled for a crisp “You’re terminated” before following it up with a somewhat impulsive “Hasta la vista, baby”, from the movie, Terminator 2.

celebrity apprentice

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Not much else is eye-catching in the heavily repainted remains of Trump’s show. A lot of people however believe that Schwarzenegger fits the role a bit better, given that, unlike his predecessor, he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. As expected, he used his struggle to become a bodybuilder at his young age as a template for those who complained about the toughness of the challenges ahead. Hate him or love him, Schwarzenegger undoubtedly represents the American Dream more than Trump ever has.

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