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What?! These Celebrities Are BANNED From Saturday Night Live!

For decades now, Saturday Night Live has been definitely one of the most popular shows with comedy as its focus on the television program list. It is by far the longest running comedy sketch show on television, and with their amazing ratings it makes a whole lot of sense. Along with their all star cast of comedians from all over the country, every week the show is hosted by a different celebrity who is also featured in the majority of the sketches for the night. Though there are certain celebrities like Alec Baldwin and Justin Timberlake who basically have an open invitation to do the show however often they’d like, there are actually some people who have now been banned from ever stepping foot on the SNL stage ever again!

Chevy Chase

This is one of the original members of the SNL cast, but that didn’t stop Lorne Michaels from banning him from ever hosting the show ever again. He quit the show after only one year on the original cast, and when he returned years later he did not treat the cast and crew with the respect that they deserved. He regularly pitched offensive and rude sketch ideas to the writers, and when people did not like his ideas he was very verbally abusive. Though we will say that yes, he is still allowed to participate in different skits that the show puts on as a guest appearance, but he is just not allowed to be the host of the show ever again.

Steven Seagal

Though his acting career was great in the 1990s and 2000s, Seagal has been named the worst SNL host of all time by SNL creator Lorne Michaels. Apparently he walked on to the set and gave nothing but bad ideas for sketches to the writers of the show, and completely bombed his entire performance of the night. Since then, the only good he has brought to this show is that many other actors on the show, such as Will Ferrell, have impersonated him in sketches and received lots of laughs in return.

Sinead O’Connor

To everyone who was watching this particular episode when it aired, especially if they were Catholic in religion, this was a well earned ban for sure. During her second performance on the show, Sinead did a cover of the song “War” by Bob Marley. She held up a photograph of Pope John Paul II, singing to “fight the real enemy” while she was tearing the photo to absolute shreds. The cast, crew, and audience were all completely blindsided by her horrid decision to do something so disrespectful to a religious figure, and there was absolutely no applause after her performance.

Martin Lawrence


Though he was on a total high at the time from his hit show “Martin” that was doing incredibly well at the time of his hosting gig, it’s not super surprising that Lorne would ban Martin Lawrence from his show after what happened on the stage that night. His monologue was just a long rant about feminine hygiene with lots of crude language and descriptions throughout the entire thing, which turned a lot of people off and outraged others. Even though the rest of his episode was great and the episode still airs for reruns, the SNL crew has opted to black out the monologue and write an explanation as to why they are not showing it.

Elvis Costello


Back in 1977, Elvis Costello was chosen for the musical performance section that is on every episode of SNL. Just when he was getting his big break and starting to become a big name in the music industry, his SNL performance definitely knocked the young 23 year old down a few pegs. Basically he wanted to perform his song “Radio, Radio”, but since it was an unreleased song at the time he was asked to play a popular favorite song from the fans, “Less Than Zero.” He ended up stopping the band mid song and jumping into the song he originally wanted to play, giving him a ban. Though his ban did not last forever, because 12 years later he returned to the SNL stage for the 25th anniversary episode.

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