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The Truth Behind CeeLo Green’s Exploding Phone Video

Fans of the famous singer and Hollywood music guru CeeLo Green were worried for a good few hours when news spread about him being a victim of an exploding phone. What seemed to be an authentic video footage of Green holding a phone that suddenly caught fire, spread online very recently, causing concern for the music magnate. As it turns out, it was all a publicity stunt, as per the confirmation of Green himself.

It does not come as a surprise that people initially bought the stunt, given that the phone in the footage, a Samsung Note 7, has been known to catch fire. A few months ago, a massive recall was done due to multiple cases of exploding Samsung Note 7 phones. In light of CeeLo Green’s admission of the publicity stunt, some people expressed their concern over such display for purposes of publicity. A number of Green’s own social media followers found the stunt to be in poor taste, while others were impressed with how convincing the footage was.

ceelo green

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A few rumors went around regarding the motivation behind such outlandish prank. Some have speculated that it was part of a smear campaign to further drive down Samsung’s stock price. The rumors quickly died down after CeeLo made an official statement. He did apologize to his fans and everyone who actually thought he was gravely injured as a result of the explosion, as shown on the CCTV feed.

CeeLo Green further clarified that the entire point of the stunt was to introduce another character called Gnarly Davidson, and that he was upset by how people were emotionally affected by the video. He reiterated that he is in good physical condition and no part of his body was damaged in any way, shape, or form.

ceelo green

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Green is no stranger to publicity stunts, especially with his chosen profession. His personality is also known to be very flamboyant and energetic, which translates to his amazing performances on stage. Over the years, CeeLo Green wore many hats; as a performer, record producer, businessman, and quite recently as a mentor for hopeful music artists who are looking to break through Hollywood barriers.

The stunt was a bit risque, but there is no denying that CeeLo Green still holds America’s interest regardless of what he is doing at any given time. Needless to say, the man continues to be a relevant influencer in Hollywood and his shenanigans, no matter how outrageous will always be a worthy headline.

Watch CeeLo Green’s apology below:

A video posted by CeeLo Green (@ceelogreen) on

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