Where you came from ?! These 6 Cat Videos Combine the X-Men and Cat. Nothing Beats That.
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If You Love Both the “X-Men” and Cats, You Will Love These 6 Cat Videos

We all know that the “X-Men” comic books and movies have a huge following. It has also been shown, time and time again, that people love cat videos. Why not combine the two?  When the action of the “X-Men” meet the cute and cuddliness of the kitty cat, well the results are priceless.

These people agreed and made some awesome cat videos. The world is grateful that they did.

In this video, kittens take on the world of the mutants:

Maybe you went out and saw the newest installment in the series and cannot get enough of Logan. If this describes you, fear not! This can totally has your back:

Whatever you do, do not try to troll the X Cat. He does not like that. Not even a little bit.

Maybe you need a little from Cyclops to make your day really special. You are in luck with that.

Are you a cat lover that is more into the “bad boy” character?  This is Magneto’s favorite pet. Could be a useful pet to have around the house.

Then again, you may be looking for the top dog (or cat) in the X-Men world. That would have to be Professor Xavier. Enter Professor X Cat in this cat video. If you need your day to be saved, you can always count on him.

Do you have videos you would like to share? Or movies you would like to see cat videos about?

There are a lot of great movies out there and there are a lot of great cat videos. If you have a favorite movie and don;t have the time to find all of the awesome cat videos with that theme, leave your ideas in the comments. There is never a bad time to take a break and check out what cats are doing on the internet.

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