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10 Cat Snapchats Sure to Have You Laughing Right Meow

While dogs are said to be man’s best friend, one thing can be said for sure… the internet sure does love its cat pictures. Constantly trending, cat pics show us just how humorous these furry balls of personality can be and keep us entertained for hours at a time. Check out these 10 best cat Snapchats that show exactly how funny life with cats can be.

Jurassic World

cat snapchat

Unlike dogs, cats tend to do whatever they want – rules be darned. This Snapchat user found an inventive way to keep their kitty from getting into places it shouldn’t be.

Ride On, Sir Kitty

cat snapchat

Kittens can be quite funny on their own, but when you supply props, things get a whole lot better. Just look at this adorable fur ball riding atop a stuffed unicorn.

Human Is As Cat Does

cat snapchat

Nothing is funnier than catching your cat mimicking human behavior. This cat apparently had something he needed to discuss with his owner – and it looks serious.

Cats don’t just copy humans – keep clicking to see what else they copy.

Cats Let You Know What’s Up

cat snapchat

When it comes to cats, there is no guessing as to what they are really thinking. Just check out this Snapchat user, who was not-so-subtly informed by her cat that they would be keeping the stray kitten she found.

Judgey McJudgeson

cat snapchat

While some cats are cuddly and loving, a vast majority of them are judgemental little mongrels. This cat is the perfect example!

Loving the cat pics? Keep clicking for more laughs!

Toilet Shenanigans

cat snapchat

Cats have some odd habits, but this cat takes the cake. The only thing that could possibly make this cat any funnier is if he was actually using the toilet.

Cats Hate the Vet, Too

cat snapchat

Dogs aren’t the only ones who run when they realize they’re at the vet’s office. When it comes to hiding from the doc, cats get a bit more inventive than their canine counterparts.

Cats get into some interesting places. Just wait until you see what else these cats get up to!

If I Fits, I Sits

cat snapchat

Cats are always looking for a cozy place to curl up and go to sleep. Some prefer cushions, couches, and beds, but others prefer something a little bit tighter.

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na – BATCAT!

cat snapchat

Having a cat will always keep you guessing. You’ll never know what they’re going to do. This cat apparently thought he was a bat, much to the surprise of his new owner.

Friend For Life

cat snapchats

Cats can be picky, temperamental, and just plain weird… but one thing can be said for sure. Once they like you, there’s no getting away from them.

Source: Bored Panda

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