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What Ever Happened to Casey Anthony, AKA the Most Hated Woman in America?

In the summer of 2008, Casey Anthony became known as America’s Most Hated Woman. Even today, simply mentioning her name is enough for many to get their blood boiling. Once known as a carefree party girl, Casey Anthony’s life changed completely the day her parents got a peculiar letter in the mail. So how exactly did things unfold, and why did they unfold the way they did? How is Casey Anthony living today, shunned by so many? Read on to understand the depth of this puzzling and heartbreaking story.

Little Lies

Casey Anthony’s life began in Ohio, where she lived with her parents and one brother. To outsiders, nothing seemed to be amiss in young Casey’s life. She thrived socially and enjoyed the company of many doting friends. Charismatic and fun-loving, she boasted a certain aura that drew people closer. However, this trait might have also been Casey’s downfall. She learned quickly that once she had won people over, they were much easier to manipulate. Casey’s flair for deceit started off harmless enough: usually nothing bigger than a small lie here and there. Her friends caught on to this habit quickly but usually just brushed it off as one of Casey’s more unfavorable traits.

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With time, though, Casey’s lies grew more complex, to the point her own family struggled to trust her. On one particular occasion, she had her whole family convinced that she would in fact be graduating with her senior class. Little did they know that Casey’s attendance record at school was spotty at best. As a result, she had not met the necessary requirements for graduation. To her family’s dismay, they did not learn this valuable piece of information until the day of the actual ceremony.

Mother and Daughter

With time, even Casey stumbled through her own messy webs of lies. When she turned 19, she found herself in a situation that even she knew she would have trouble clumsily explaining away. Her parents noticed small changes to her body: a plumper face, a rounder belly. It did not take long for them to know the truth. But Casey would not own up to it, even with the evidence stacked against her. After months of claiming to be a virgin, she finally told her parents what they knew all along: she was pregnant.

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Then, August of 2005 rolled around, bringing with it the birth of Casey’s beautiful daughter, Caylee Anthony. Casey’s parents, Cindy and George, were enamored by their new granddaughter. One mystery remained, however: Who was Caylee Anthony’s father? Casey herself was not certain, although she attempted to come up with answers, which were rarely consistent. She frequently pointed to her fiancé at the time, Jesse Grund.

Raising a Daughter

Sadly, Casey Anthony had her doubts about being a mother. She had been thrust into motherhood so suddenly. After all, she was still young and vibrant, a party girl at heart, certainly not ready to trade in late wild nights for sleepless ones interrupted by baby’s cries. She explored other options and even considered placing young Caylee up for adoption, anything to keep life moving so quickly around her.

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Fortunately for Casey, she had the support of her parents, who graciously left their home open to Casey and Caylee. They would help Casey as needed and provide Caylee with the grandparents’ love she deserved. Thus, Casey opted to keep Caylee and lived with her parents. Her fiancé Jesse Grund also moved in and played a convincing fatherly role.

Turmoil Within

But even with her parents’ support, life was not completely rosy for Casey. The Anthony family frequently came apart at the seams, only to be haphazardly mended again after a heated argument. Poor Caylee remained in the middle of it all. At the end of the day, though, nobody really knew what went on inside the Anthony home, beyond what they put on display for the world to see. Casey was perhaps the master of the masquerade, always wearing a smile even as her household rumbled with fiery disputes.

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In any case, the arguments just grew more and more intense. What they were about varied, but they always contributed to a turbulent home life. In 2008, the conflict between Casey and her parents came to a head. She left home, clutching Caylee at her side. This would be the last time her parents would see Casey in a while.

A Strange Letter

Casey and Caylee had been away for some time before Casey’s parents, George and Cindy heard anything from them. They likely assumed that Casey simply fled to a friend’s house to stay, Caylee in tow. She might have even been couch surfing, no specific place to call home. Wherever she was, they assumed–hoped–she and Caylee were safe. When news did come, it was not from Casey, but rather about her. It came in the form of a peculiar letter in the mail. As they reviewed the letter, their hearts sank. They feared the worst.

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According to the letter, Casey’s car was in a tow yard, awaiting retrieval. Casey’s father went to pick it up, confused and concerned. Here was the car, but where were Casey or Caylee? When he did finally obtain the car, he noted some unsettling things.

The Upsetting Discovery

When George examined the abandoned car, rummaging through its contents, he could not help feeling uneasy. He knew something was amiss when he spotted Casey’s purse sitting untouched. She would never leave her purse unattended like that, he was certain. What’s more, Caylee’s toys lay strewn all over the back seat. Mother and daughter had been there, perhaps even recently, but where could they have been now, especially without the necessities or their most beloved possessions?

Daily Mail

Perhaps most disturbing, George noticed a putrid smell that appeared to be coming from the trunk of the car. This smell could have been dismissed as old food succumbing to the Florida heat, but George sensed something more gruesome in the smell: earthy at best. At worst, it smelled as though something had crawled into the car and died.

Tracing Down Casey

At this point, George and Cindy knew that they had to track down Casey and Caylee, as they likely were not living in the most favorable of conditions. They searched everywhere they knew to look and began to lose hope until they finally discovered Casey safe at a boyfriend’s house. This man’s name was Tony Lazaro. They felt relieved until they realized something most alarming: Caylee was not with her mother. Casey returned home with her parents, where they attempted to get a concrete story out of her. Even with her daughter potentially in grave danger, Casey did not cooperate as well as her parents had hoped.

A Game of Roles –

Casey danced around the issue for a while. She tried to convince her parents that Caylee was safe with a babysitter, that they were enjoying a fun vacation at Disney. But then Disney became Seaworld, Seaworld a different attraction. Inevitably, Casey’s story fell apart, leaving her no choice but to confess: Caylee was missing.

Kidnapper on the Run

Although George and Cindy managed to tease a coherent story out of their daughter, it was naturally marred with many inconsistencies. One thing that seemed to remain constant was the name of a mysterious nanny, Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, or Zanny the Nanny, as Casey called her. According to Casey, this Zanny the Nanny had been tasked with caring for Caylee for a while. Casey always convinced her parents that Caylee was safe with the nanny.

According to Casey, Caylee enjoyed Zanny the Nanny and was never in harm under her care. Still, Casey’s parents were not impressed with her explanations. Casey’s mother Cindy would have to report the little girl missing.

Distraught and Confounded

Of course, George and Cindy were devastated when they heard the news about their granddaughter. Questions overwhelmed them, and they could not help being somewhat angry at their daughter for her indifferent attitude. Their frustration only grew as they worked with Casey to figure out how to get Caylee back. On July 15th, 2008, Cindy officially put in a missing persons report for Caylee. Now all they could do was wait and hope that Casey cooperated with the police, at least better than she had with them, but even that proved to be futile.

A Candy Rose

As with her parents, Casey relayed the same scattered, inconsistent information to the police. It bewildered them right from the start. They were quick to call Casey out on it and even doubted the authenticity of her story altogether.

The Arrest

Several days after Cindy reported Caylee as missing, Casey Anthony was arrested for child neglect. She faced even more ruthless interrogation. Still, her story remained scattered, flawed, and wholly unlikely. Casey told the police that Zanny the Nanny had taken off with Caylee and that she was not sure where either of them was now. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Zanny the Nanny didn’t really exist, although someone with the name Zinaida Fernandez-Gonzalez did live in the area. She would later file a lawsuit against Casey for tarnishing her name.

A Candy Rose

At the time, however, police latched onto any lead that came their way. They had no reason to believe that Zanny the Nanny did not have Caylee. Alas, their search only sent them in circles. Little did they know this was just the beginning; Casey would soon send them on yet another meaningless hunt.

To Universal

Casey told the police that she had been working at Universal Studios. She even led them to where she worked and showed them around, allowing them to investigate and collect evidence as needed. As it turned out, there was little plan or purpose behind the trip to Universal Studios, because Casey did not work there. She had in the past, but she had since quit, and had not even been there in quite some time. Like many of Casey’s lies, this one was not discovered to be false until long after the police found themselves wrapped up in it.


She told them the truth once they were settled back at the police station. They wasted much valuable time going where they did not need be, time that could be spent looking for Casey’s helpless daughter, and they chastised her for just this. It did not help Casey that so much evidence already pointed against her.

A Reputation Already Marred

One piece of evidence that worked against Casey was her current lifestyle. As it turned out, Casey did not let her party days die when she took on the responsibility of parenthood. She still went out drinking regularly, her daughter often left with her parents or a vaguely named babysitter. Additionally, Casey was still flirtatious and very much hungry for male attention. To make matters worse, Casey immersed herself in this glamorous carefree and alcohol-heavy party life while Caylee was gone–and not once considered reporting her as missing.


Casey also did not seem to be in any hurry to find her daughter, judging by her easygoing attitude. She seemed to be enjoying life with little worry and even got a tattoo that boasted just that: “Bella Vita,” or beautiful life in Italian. The tattoo sat dark and gaudy on her shoulder.

The Search for Caylee

After much questioning, bogus stories, and dead-ends, Casey admitted to what was suspected all along: she had no idea where Caylee was. Thus, the real search began. Desperation permeated the air. Caylee’s terrified grandparents hoped that the little girl would be found alive. Police went accompanied with highly trained dogs to uncover any evidence. To both their delight and horror, the dogs picked up some cloying odors–not just near Casey’s car where George first smelled something foul, but also in areas in the Anthony residence’s backyard.

The Sun

The smell that the dog picked up around Casey’s car was perhaps most sobering. Gerus, as the dog was called, focused on one specific area of the car: its trunk. Although the trunk did overflow with trash, and while the smell was originally dismissed as old pizza boxes festering in the heat, Gerus was trained to detect very specific kinds of odors, namely those associated with human remains. An air sample taken from the car’s trunk revealed more or less the same.

Casey in Custody

At this time, very few people involved with the case viewed Casey as innocent. Her behavior, her deceit, even the tangible evidence all suggested that she was hiding something very serious. She sat in jail under a hefty bail of $50,000. Remarkably, somebody paid that fee, but it was not anyone that Casey knew personally. The kind soul was no other than Leonard Padilla, a bounty hunter who had made some appearances on television. But Padilla was not looking to be a good samaritan, at least not toward Casey. He also did not necessarily buy that she was innocent. What Padilla wanted from Casey was information.

A Candy Rose

Padilla pleaded with Casey to tell him where Caylee was. He begged her to offer up any additional shred of information, anything that might lead the detectives on the right path. Alas, Casey provided nothing new or of interest. Padilla walked away feeling betrayed, the whole exchange with Casey a lingering bad taste in his mouth. He saw her as little more than a vapid party girl who cared about nothing other than herself. While Casey might have been free in the literal sense, she soon found herself locked under the public’s scrutiny. If anything, Padilla’s actions might have further marred Casey’s name, left the spotlight glaring on her so that she would soon become the most hated woman in America.

Public Aware–and Angry

It is clear that the public does not take too kindly to people who abuse children in any way. Casey Anthony experienced this merciless wrath first hand after refusing to work with Leonard Padilla and the police to locate Caylee. People viewed her as irresponsible, an unfit mother, a shallow woman who just wanted to waste her life away partying and scoring hordes of adoring men. Her complete disregard for her daughter’s well-being was infuriating to so many.


It was at this time that Casey knew one thing: she would never live life out of the spotlight again, whether she was proven innocent or not. She had a rough road ahead of her, one she paved from rash decisions and a towering accumulation of lies.

Short Lived Freedom

But even though everyone looked at her with such disdain, Casey did not simply slink into the shadows and wait out the angry mob that awaited her. Instead, she continued to behave in ways that would only bring attention to herself and would also get her in deeper trouble with the law. She behaved recklessly with money, spending wherever she saw fit. It was not even her own money. Casey forged her name on checks, even attempted to slide comfortably into a different name. She was caught, however.

The Heat Lightning

Just after being released from jail thanks to Leonard Padilla, Casey found herself there once more. More charges burdened her. Not only did she risk getting slammed for the murder of her own daughter, she was now about to be grilled for such crimes as grand theft and forgery.

A Heartbreaking Discovery

Months plodded along uneventfully, bringing with them no signs of young Caylee. Sure, Casey still smoldered in the ruins of her poor reputation, but the fact remained that no amount of public outrage would bring Caylee back. People slowly let go of their hope–that is, until one day, an unsuspecting meter reader named Roy Kronk stumbled upon something grisly mere feet from George and Cindy’s house. The location was just where one would expect to find something that someone preferred to keep hidden. A leafy canopy overhead cast long shadows. Swampy water sat murky and stagnant.

Orlando Sentinel

When Kronk first came across this groundbreaking evidence, he might not have thought much of it. It was just a garbage bag, after all, likely stuffed with rotten food and abandoned items. Upon further investigation, however, it became clear just what he had found: the skeleton of a human who had been dead for a while.

Examining the Evidence

It did not take long for police to connect the dots. No longer than a week after Kronk made the haunting discovery, it was determined after rigorous DNA testing that the remains indeed belonged to Caylee Anthony. Moreover, the report revealed that the bones did not appear to suffer from any notable trauma. Unfortunately, this piece of evidence did not indicate that Caylee died peacefully. Further examination revealed that something much sinister went on.

True Crime Junkies

The medical examiner meticulously analyzed Caylee’s remains and discovered that the skull had been covered with duct tape. Perhaps most puzzling, the duct tape had on it the impression of a heart, as though from a sticker of some sort. The shape was outlined in dirt. Stickers that matched this description were later found in the Anthony home.

Casey, the Monstrous

Needless to say, after Caylee’s remains were found, the public went from furious to downright bloodthirsty. At the time of the discovery, Casey Anthony was sitting in jail serving time for her earlier crimes. People wanted to make sure that she saw what was discovered, that she felt that pit of dread in her stomach that afflicted so many other avid followers of the case. As a result, she was escorted out of her cell and into a room with a television, which was alive and babbling of the breaking news.

The Hollywood Gossip

According to one report, Casey reacted without saying a word or shedding a tear. Instead, her body language spoke for her. She shook violently in her seat, seeming to struggle to sit still. Suddenly, her breath quickened; she struggled to keep it from catching in throat. This was what police wanted: some response, some sign of humanity.

The Damning Evidence

Seeing the story unfurl right before eyes was only the first painful thing Casey Anthony would be forced to endure. Next would come more cold interrogation, more public scrutiny, more speculation from television personalities and various news sources. Not to mention, more and more evidence was accumulating, much of it pointing starkly toward Casey. People were looking for answers, and she would have to provide them, not doctored by her deceit, or she would be in graver trouble than she already was.

ABC News –

One of the most damning pieces of evidence to which the police and the public firmly held was the series of web searches discovered on Casey’s computer. Her browsing history revealed searches for “chloroform” and “suffocation methods,” words that understandably stirred many to anger and quick to accuse. To make matters worse, traces chloroform were discovered in Casey’s car trunk.

Punishment Brewing

Soon, the media were abuzz with more speculation about what punishment awaited Casey Anthony. People murmured of the death penalty, spoke of life in prison. Nobody wanted to believe that the young mother could be innocent. The picture had already been painted: she was a monster whose only concern was achieving her next high. Whether she intended to harm Caylee mattered not. She belonged behind bars, the public insisted. But beneath all the fury worked the few who were on Casey’s side: her defense team.

Red Huber-Pool/Getty Images

Jose Baez, Casey’s attorney, toiled away at piecing together a narrative that would reveal information about Casey that so few knew or at least were willing to know. If she were to be named a villain, she would have to be written as a sympathetic one. But how does one go about portraying a person everybody sees as a cold and calculated killer? Casey’s defense team would eventually reveal their strategy.

The Case Unravels

Before the case could be brought before the court, some technicalities needed to be sorted out. Piecing together a jury would prove to be perhaps the most challenging. The law requires an objective jury of peers, but with a case so heated with so much at stake, few harbored anything less than a deep-rooted distrust for Ms. Anthony. In spring of 2011, the jury at last came together.

ABC News –

The case would not go to court until later in the month, but that did not the anticipation from overflowing from just about every direction. This was going to be more than a high-profile murder case; this was going to be one of the most significant cases of the century, as TIME had put it.

Taking Media By Storm

June arrived with much fanfare. Audiences all across the United States tuned in; the case would be shown live and could be viewed on any number of popular news channels. Meanwhile at the Federal Court House, journalists prodded as people came and went. People stood outside shouting obscenities directed at Casey, crying for justice for Caylee.

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At the end of the day, that is all most people wanted: justice for an innocent girl who had no say at all in what happened to her. People wanted closure as much as they wanted revenge. They constructed memorials for Caylee, most brimming with colorful toys and smiling stuffed animals.

A Chance At Innocence

As she sat in that court room, Casey knew from the many contemptuous gazes fixed on her that her legal team, particularly her lawyer Jose Baez, was her one hope at innocence. This is where that carefully crafted narrative would either sway the jury in Casey’s favor or cast her to her gloomy fate. For years, Casey had unofficially held the title as of America’s most despised women. Now was the time to challenge that title.

AP Photo/Red Huber

Jose Baez remained steadfast at his client’s side. He professed that Casey did not plan to harm Caylee at all. Rather, her death was a tragic accident. Caylee got too close to the family pool and drowned. In a panic, Casey and her family raced to dispose of the body. But this was only part of a very complex picture.

A Full Picture

According to Baez and team, Casey did not have it in her to kill. In fact, she was just a helpless young woman battling her own demons that arose early in her childhood back in Ohio. On the outside, Casey was all smiles, but deep down she struggled for control over her own life and body. As a result, she would act out, stake out her own identity, anything to gain full autonomy. What caused Casey’s dark past, according to Baez?

He proclaimed that when she was younger, Casey was sexually abused by her own father, George Anthony. Later, George would argue that that was wholly untrue. Casey maintained that this was true, although this narrative remained dubious over the course of the case.

The New Portrait

But abuse from her father was not the only dark tale Baez had to share. According to her defense team, the abuse ran much deeper than that. When Casey was not worrying about her father, she had to keep an eye on her older brother Lee. Like her father, Lee sexually assaulted Casey as well. As a result, Casey has been left to wander the world broken and hollow. Furthermore, because of the trauma she had experienced, Casey does not mean to deceive people so skillfully. It is a trait she learned as a coping mechanism, over the years.

NY Daily News

Baez continued by saying that Casey often lies to “cover up hurt.” She associates the truth with pain and suffering. Moreover, Casey struggles with creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with others, which may make it difficult for her to show real, unaltered emotion.

The Ruthless Prosecution

But as Baez attempted to build Casey up in the eyes of the court, the prosecution remained poised and ready to fire. Those on the opposing side came equipped not only with an unfavorable portrait of Casey, but also objective evidence. With these two things in hand, so many observers were confident that the jury would have no choice but to find Casey guilty. The prosecution delivered, all statistics with an undertone of disdain.

West Orlando News

The picture painted was one that the public had grown accustomed to. In fact, many had already assigned such identity to Casey: the wild party girl, promiscuous and irresponsible, clinging to her early 20’s as though she did not have other responsibilities to attend to: like a child. Forensic specialist Arpad Vass stepped forward to reveal what the police dogs had uncovered: the clear scent of human remains in Casey’s car trunk. The conclusion? That Casey did in fact intend to cause her daughter harm by suffocating her–hence the duct tape found on the skull. The traces of chloroform, as well as the damning internet searches, only confirmed her guilt. But things were far from over.

The Deliberation

As of the most significant cases of the century, the Anthony case certainly lived up to the title with its seemingly endless length. The trial endured from late May to early July. Everyone, from the casual observer to Casey Anthony herself, looked forward to its end. Of course, even then, they would have to await the jury’s verdict, which proved to be a grueling ordeal of its own.

Glossy News

In total, the jury spent over ten hours in deliberation. The tension was palpable. Casey and her attorney say side by side, looking somber. Outside the courthouse, advocates for young Caylee cried for Casey’s guilt, tears streaming down many faces.

The Relief of Verdict

Perhaps most perplexing to some was how stoic Casey appeared throughout the entire trial. While she did shed a tear once in a while, she remained thoroughly collected, as though nothing fazed her: not her own daughter’s death, not the vitriol she received from the public, not even her potentially impending doom. She never even once spoke on her behalf. She let both sides do their work, eager to either deliver her from guilt or condemn her for life.

After hours of deliberation, the jury came forward with its verdict. To many people’s horror, Caylee would not get the justice she deserved after all. Casey was found not guilty of all the crimes so many hated her for: manslaughter, child abuse, and first-degree murder. But that was not the end.

The Public Outrage

Naturally, people are upset when they learn someone they thought to be guilty will get to walk away without paying anything resembling a rightful consequence. As for the Casey Anthony case, many found themselves more than a little angry. The crowd outside the courthouse erupted in shouts of protest and disbelief. Some began to cry, including Casey herself, in disbelief. She and her attorney embraced, a sense of victory welling between them.

But alas, Casey did not walk completely free that day. If she wasn’t hated so intensely before the trial, she was certainly about to feel some real wrath now. She would have to go into hiding, for her own safety.

Casey’s Charges

But Casey was not completely off the hook from the law either. She would still have to serve time for wasting the police’s time with her deceit, which translated into four misdemeanors. This meant four years in prison, as well as a fine of $4000: one year and $1000 for each count, essentially. In the end, though, she knew all of this was better than being found a murderer.


Meanwhile, the world went on mourning the loss of little Caylee. More memorials gathered, particularly in the wooded area in which were remains were discovered. Caylee might not have earned the justice her suppoerers felt she deserved, but she did receive their love and wishes of peace.

No Punishment Great Enough

Although the public was thoroughly disgruntled by what seemed to be a lenient sentence for Casey, many hoped that she would at least come to regret what she had done and that her time in jail would give her ample time to reflect. But even her original punishment ended up falling short. In July of 2011, Casey was freed from jail, authorities citing her good behavior. In total, she had only served three of her four years.

USA Today

According to officials at Orange County Jail, Casey Anthony was not treated any differently than any other inmate. They deliberated long and hard over releasing her, knowing the outrage her freedom would provoke. Thus, Casey left jail, guarded on all sides by heavily armed security personnel.

Legal Consequences Outside Jail

Because of all the time and money that went into Caylee’s investigation, as per Casey’s fruitless leads, it was ruled that Casey owed the court a hefty bill that totaled well over $200,000. The initial amount was only $98,000 for the investigation as a whole, but the judge later decided that Casey should pay the police specifically. This resulted in the charge of an additional $100,000 or more.

Hollywood Life

Moreover, Casey was not innocent to everyone that mattered. In August of 2011, the state of Florida decided that Casey Anthony was in fact responsible for her daughter’s death, because she failed to provide Caylee with the necessary treatment when needed and also failed to report her missing when she discovered that she nowhere to be found.

The Social Consequences

Public outrage can sometimes lead to surprisingly productive things–beside raging mobs, that is. After witnessing what happened to poor Caylee, many child advocates decided that no child should have to suffer or go without justice because of the actions of a negligent parent. As a result, Caylee’s Law was born.

The bill was signed by Rick Scott, governor of Florida, and proclaims that a parent can be found guilty of a felony if he or she fails to report a missing child missing in a timely manner.

Life Away from the Public Eye

As far as she is concerned, Casey’s life of freedom has been a prison in and of itself. She rarely talks to anybody, as she lives her life mostly in seclusion. After her release from prison, she did all she could to blend in. She did not want to be so easily identified as Casey Anthony, the girl who got away with murder, according to the media and the public. Dodging the media completely has proven to be a challenge as well.

NY Daily News

Additionally, Casey’s family wants nothing to do with her. She has not spoken to them in quite a while. Still, Casey has attempted to create a new sense of normal for herself, even though the world she once knew so well has seemingly been reduced to a shunning silence.

Still Proclaiming Innocence

In 2012, Casey Anthony made an appearance on CNN for an interview, this one of course post-trial. She was interviewed by Piers Morgan and told him much of the same things she told the world just years prior: that she is innocent of the heinous crimes so many still accuse her of, that she is not the person that so many have made her out to be. In fact, she has even changed, she boasted.

NY Daily News

“I’ve never been a party girl,” she said. “I don’t drink now. I’ve probably had a handful of beers since I’ve been on probation.” Moreover, she claimed that the image the media project of her is nothing more than a “caricature,” that she is more human that anyone could ever portray.

Casey Today

There are a few people with whom Casey has kept contact. Most notable is a man by the name of Patrick McKenna, a detective who worked on her case. Not only does Casey live with McKenna, she also works for him. She is a research assistant, often helping McKenna with particularly daunting cases. In fact, most of the people Casey still talks to have one thing in common: they advocated for her during that endless trial in 2011.

Today Show

Although Casey’s specific current location is unknown to most, she does still reside in Florida, Southern Florida to be specific. Her life goes on in sleepy lulls. She lingers in shadows into which the public will rarely dare. That said, Casey has allegedly tried her luck outside once or twice.

Traces of Casey

Needless to say, Casey does not have many friends these days. As a result, she spends most of her time alone. A typical day might involve some mindless web surfing, an hour or two of television, an afternoon nap. Occasionally, she is able to catch the few friends she still has outside work. Some locals claim to have spotted Casey with such friends at nearby bars, enjoying a drink and socializing like the old days. But she still must lie low to avoid any negative attention.

There have been a couple others instances where people have claimed to have spotted Casey attempting to live a normal life post-trial. One person reported watching her retrieve her dog from the groomer’s. Awhile ago, Casey attempted a Trump protest rally, dressed in her usual street clothes, simply melting into the raucous crowd. Crowds are relatively easy to lose yourself in, Casey has found, as you quickly become one body, one mind.

Attempts at Normality

Outside of her work and relatively idle life, Casey has attempted to find meaning in things she enjoys, things she can share with the world. One of these things is photography. She even attempted to launch a photography business, called Case Photography LLC, but that project did not take off as quickly as she might have liked. The truth is, if she wants to exist under her old name, she is going to have to work extra hard to create a brand that supersedes her past.

Daily Mail

As far as her photography business goes, its major downfall was Casey’s social media presence. She tried to promote herself via Twitter and other social media but quickly found herself messages, virtually all invoking memories of the 2011 trial.

A New Casey Anthony?

Essentially, Casey Anthony holds her freedom in her own hands, but how far she can wander without kicking up old emotions is anyone’s guest. She has stated that her life now is often “boring” and that she often has to go to great lengths to keep herself busy. It is not like jail where most of her day was decided for her, or at least enough things were off-limits to make decision-making a little less of a hassle.

Today Show

Although Casey Anthony has made some attempts at rejoining society, little by little, she has accepted that she will likely never know the same freedom she knew when she went out partying, always catching adoring eyes and drawing people to her with her bright smile. When she left Orange County Jail, she surrendered a sense of structure she would now have to carve out herself, from a life that winds on in loneliness.

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