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Bet You Didn’t Know These Facts About Captain Kangaroo!

Captain Kangaroo was one of those shows like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood that made people feel all warm inside and that the host really cared about the viewers. Bob Keeshan, who played the titular character, was everyone’s grandpa and he truly cared about children like one. From its memorable characters, funny skits, cute cartoons, and the friendly “good morning, Captain!” this show was beloved by fans everywhere. There is probably a lot you didn’t know about it so read on to find out!

1. It was one of the longest running programs

The beloved children’s TV series that aired on CBS was the longest running program of its time but, to this day, it is still one the longest running children’s show!

The Blogging Baker

The Blogging Baker

Captain Kangaroo first aired on October 3rd, 1955 and was broadcast nationally. It would stay on the air for 29 years, producing 38 seasons and ending in 1984. Only Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Sesame Street outlived this show!