Where you came from ?! Cancer Survivor Donates Over 75 Dresses For A Fashion Show
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Cancer Survivor Donates Over 75 Dresses For A Fashion Show

Nowadays it’s impossible to avoid the “C” word — cancer. We’ve either dealt with it personally or seen the struggle in the lives of a family member or friend diagnosed with this terrible disease.

Any sliver of hope or positivity in the face of cancer is worth highlighting, and Puccinni Roseboro’s heartwarming story is one that certainly bears repeating!

His Battle With Cancer

In 2002, Roseboro was diagnosed with colon cancer. As a fashion designer, he thought his days of coming up with new designs might be over forever.

Cancer Survivor


Most cancer patients will agree that the help you get while battling is invaluable, and besides the help Roseboro received from family and friends, he says that the help he received from Cancer Services Inc. was most significant to him.

Who Are Cancer Services Inc.?

The non-profit organization focuses its efforts on helping those that are undergoing a battle with cancer. They try to help in every way possible, including emotional, financial, and medical support.

Cancer Survivor


“They were there for me,” plain and simple, said Roseboro.

Fortunately, Roseboro was successful in his fight with colon cancer, and he attributes much of his victory to Cancer Services.

What He’s Doing To Say Thank You

Roseboro knows he would never be able to pay the organization back for what they did for him, but he decided to help in his own unique way. He would contribute 75 dresses to the Cancer Services Fashion Show in an effort to raise money and awareness about the organization’s services.

“I’m very, very serious about this,” said Roseboro. “It’s just in my heart to do this.”

Even though it took him roughly six months and 800 yards of material, Roseboro knew that he was doing the right thing.

Cancer Survivor


Roseboro hopes his efforts will inspire others to give back and help the Cancer Services organization help more people, and we hope more people out there will take up his mission!

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