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For One Director, These Two Actors Would Be Ideal For A ‘Call Of Duty’ Film

Since 2003, Call of Duty has been a major video game franchise with tournaments all over the world. With 250 million copies sold internationally, it’s the highest grossing first-person shooter of all time. Now, one director wants to bring this game to life.

Modern Warfare

Director Stefano Sollima is looking to take on a live-action Call of Duty film. If he gets the role, two actors that he wants to have in his cast are Tom Hardy and Chris Pine, who were co-stars in the film This Means War.


Sollima’s role hasn’t been confirmed yet. He’s one of many directors looking to work on the movie.

A Mixed Crowd

Over the years, films based on video games haven’t always had a great reaction from the audience. Over on Rotten Tomatoes, no video game film has ever earned a score higher than 44 out of a possible 100. Despite this, many of them have earned major box office revenue, including 2016’s Warcraft. The Duncan Jones-directed film is the highest grossing video game movie of all time with $433.7 million made in theaters.

Warner Bros.

2018 will see the release of two video game films. Tomb Raider, which is a reboot of the original Angelina Jolie film series based on the video game franchise, gets released on March 16. Rampage, which is based on the Midway Games classic, drops on April 20.

A Bright Future

While they haven’t said yes to Sollima’s offer, Hardy and Pine are going to be quite busy over the next year. Hardy will spend the next several months promoting Venom, which arrives on October 5. The Oscar-nominated actor will also be working on season two of Taboo.

Dan MacMedan

Pine, who is best known for portraying Captain Kirk in the Star Trek films, will be promoting A Wrinkle In Time and Outlaw King. He’s also set to return for another round as Kirk in the near future.

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