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Caitlin Jenner Announces Gender Reassignment Surgery

In a memoir written by Caitlin Jenner, she writes that she has gone through a gender reassignment procedure for a number of reasons. Early this year, Caitlin Jenner had gone under the knife to fulfill one of her “greatest dreams”, to live “authentically” as she puts it.

Caitlin Jenner

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Two years after Jenner came out of the closet, she now feels as if she has really become who she really is. In her memoir, she states that she wants to have all the right parts and that she is tired of having to tuck “the damn thing” every time. She also states that strangers would often ask her about her genitals and that she hated talking about it.

She states that “You wanted to know? So, now you know.” She adds that “this is the first time and the last time I will speak of it”.

Caitlin Jenner

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Caitlin Jenner was once known as Bruce Jenner; an Olympian, a father, and a TV personality. She first came out with her new identity in July 2015 and it became legally official on September of the same year. After two years, she now has the genitals that would make her new identity complete.

Caitlin Jenner has undergone a male-to-female procedure, which is considered far more successful than a female-to-male procedure. The surgery involves removing both the penis and the testicles and replacing them with a vagina that has the ability to feel sensations. Despite having female genitalia, a transgender cannot bear a child for the lack of a womb.

Caitlin Jenner

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Caitlin considers the loss of a penis as not much of a big deal because the organ did nothing much for her. She believes that all it allowed her to do was to take a piss on the woods. Other than that was all but pleasant. Having it removed made her feel “liberated” she says.

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