Where you came from ?! Kind Bus Driver Stops to Help Distraught Girl Get to School
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Kind Bus Driver Stops to Help Distraught Girl Get to School

Lynsey Jayes was one of the passengers of bus in Leeds, England early Tuesday morning who witnessed the kind gesture of the bus driver towards a distressed girl who was lost and anxious that she would be late for the first day of school.

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Lynsey Jayes/Facebook

Jayes shared on her Facebook page that the bus driver did not only called the girl, about 11 years old, a cab to make sure that she would  reach her school on time but he even paid for the fare.

“This bus driver on the number 16 this morning deserves a huge pat on the back… a young girl waiting for the bus at the wrong side of the road and was upset she would be late for her first day at high school … the driver not only phone her a taxi, he walked her to Tesco and he paid for it… now that is a reason I don’t mind my bus running late for,” wrote Jayes on her wall.

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Southern England Bus Scene

The post has gone viral, earning 12,000 positive reactions and over 3,000 shares on Facebook alone. Almost all the comments have affirmed the driver’s kind heart and good will, inspiring others to do the same.

In an interview with the Yorkshire Evening Post, Jayes shared that the incident happened when she was taking her kids to school and the bus driver made a stop at the Bramley Shopping Center to ask a girl if she was okay.

“He spoke to her outside for a few minutes then as he walked back on the bus he was saying to her: ‘Don’t worry, we will get you to school on time’,” shared Jayes.

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When Jayes and the rest of the passengers learned about the driver’s kind gesture, the mood and spirit of everyone inside the bus became bright and cheery.

“It was just lovely to see, it certainly made everyone on the bus smile and he certainly brightened up a very wet and miserable morning,” Jayes said.

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