Where you came from ?! These Brutally Awkward Misunderstandings Will Make You Glad You're You
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These Brutally Awkward Misunderstandings Will Make You Glad You’re You

Thanks to the internet, we can’t afford to have dumb moments because the whole world will be invited to join in on the laugh.

Think before you speak. Your stupidity might go viral.

These misunderstandings are too good not to share. At least most of the parties responsible aren’t named.


That Moment The Lady Next Door Won’t Give Back Your Shoes


“FedEx accidentally delivered my shoes to the house next door. I walk over to her house and see this… I don’t know how to feel.”

Well, that’s awkward.


That One Time We Freaked Out The Neighbors


“So our neighbor just sent this message to my dad on Facebook.”

Hasn’t this neighbor heard the saying, “curiosity killed the cat?”

Guess not.


That Time my Cousin Revealed His IQ


One guy asked his cousin to tell him what time it was and his cousin responded with this,

“It’s ten ’til four.”



That One Time Mom Almost Pet Some Lady’s Purse


“Honey, take a look at the adorable dachshund. He’s sleeping.”

Um, mom, that’s some lady’s purse, and I don’t think she’d appreciate you petting it.


That One Time My Friends “Got Lit” Off Olive Oil


A young lady posted this hilarious party moment on Twitter.

The best part was when she explained how the olive oil drinkers thought they were drunk.



That Moment Grandma Didn’t Get It


One kid’s mother asked him to send his grandmother a picture of Ed Sheeran because she’s such a fan.

So the kid decided to be funny and edit a photo before sending it.

Little did he know the next time he’d visit his grandma, it’d be sitting there in a frame.

She didn’t get it.


Don’t Mess With Apple


One guy ordered an iPod online and instead of skipping the text box for engravings, he chose to write this.

Apple didn’t find it funny.


Hopefully This Happened At 2 am


Some smartie left this review for Taco Bell.

Hopefully they were sleep deprived when they went to get food, or else this would be really sad.


I Don’t Even Know What To Think


You probably shouldn’t trust a bakery with a menu so blatantly deceptive.

But then again, who knows, maybe that confused sandwich was bomb.com.


Siri, You’re Supposed To Be Smarter Than Me


Well, hopefully Siri didn’t kill this guy.

But seeing how he was able to screenshot this, he probably was well enough to call an ambulance for himself.

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