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British Makeup Artist Flawlessly Transforms Himself Into Celebrities

If you’re a huge makeup or cosplay fan, right now is a truly blessed time in the world of cosmetic creativity.

All over the world, seriously talented makeup artists are using the power of the internet to show off their considerable skills, but makeup artist and drag queen Elliot Joseph Rentz, who performs under the name Alexis Stone, may be the most amazing makeup chameleon we’ve come across yet. Using extensive (like, crazy extensive) contouring, highlighting and the natural lines of his face, Rentz transforms himself into famous celebrities. The result? He could easily pass as a body double for any of them. See for yourself!

Just For Context, Here’s Elliot Without Makeup


Well okay, there might be a little bit of foundation here. We are talking about a pro MUA (makeup artist) after all, so he may have something on, but you get the idea. Now, take a look at the next photo to see what happens when Elliot takes on a celeb look such as, oh I don’t know, Johnny Depp?

Might Be Time To Ask Where The Rum Has Gone


Because if this guy walks in the bar, you’re gonna think Mr. Johnny Depp himself has stopped in for a drink or two. He even got the earrings right! What’s especially cool about this look is that Rentz didn’t just do a general Depp, but very particularly the current Depp look. That’s some commitment to detail. Speaking of, check out the next photo for a look that has earned over 55,000 likes on Instagram and counting.

You Better Beliebe That Contouring


Rentz even nailed the trademark Bieber eyebrow raise, complete with bushy, sultry Justin brows. It’s not all male looks that earn this talented makeup artist his well-deserved likes on social media, though. This next one, of Bieber’s fellow crooning superstar Mariah Carey, has almost as many.

Is That You, Mariah?


All we want for Christmas is the level of skill in lipstick application that this man clearly has. Now get ready to yell “timber,” because Rentz’s next look will knock you flat.

This Kesha Look Is Straight Up Supernatural


Kesha has been going through a rough few years, legally speaking, but hopefully this Alexis Stone look honoring the pop singer has brought her a little happiness. We know we dig it; those eyelashes are absolutely spot-on. Don’t stop (make it pop) here, though, because the next look shows what Rentz can do when tackling a look of gracefully aging beauty: that of the lovely Tilda Swinton!

Maybe It’s Easier Because They’re Both British


Tilda Swinton, star of films like Doctor Strange and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button once wrote a poem with the line “There’s only one you.” But here we see a second Tilda! Note how Rentz can even manage to recreate a face with a different shape than his, using subtle shadowing and highlights. The next photo shows another such look, but this time, we’re gonna go a little industrial on you with a crazy Marilyn Manson transformation.

The Beautiful People Indeed


It’s pretty wild what a little color and the right hairstyle can do to create a celeb’s iconic look. This copycat of the king of shock rock is dead on, from the smeared, thick eyeliner to the rakish mop of black hair on top. And how about the next photo, featuring a take on the queen of daytime TV, Ellen DeGeneres?

Skills Good Enough To Go On Ellen


We don’t know if Ellen DeGeneres has seen these yet, but we have to believe that Elliot would get a call pretty quick to go on her show if she did. I mean, seriously. If I saw this person walk by in real life, I’d absolutely tell everyone that I saw Ellen, and I would never know how wrong I was. This look is great, but Rentz’s transformation into convict-turned-model Jeremy Meeks on the next photo might be even better.

A Flawless Take On A Flawless Face


Jeremy Meeks is one lucky guy: Not only did his mugshot land him a modeling career, it also got the talented Elliot Joseph Rentz’s attention, and now Meeks is immortalized all over again in this beguiling transformation. He even got the tattoos right! We’ve saved the best for last, so click on through and check out this Home Alone look that we still literally cannot believe.

Someone Hide Joe Pesci, Because Young Macaulay Culkin Is Back


Unreal. This absolutely without question could be a press shot from Home Alone. This isn’t makeup, it’s pure magic (and some digital retouching). It’s already incredible that a human could so completely embody another person, but that it’s an adult making themselves look exactly like a child is mind-blowing. Elliot Joseph Rentz clearly deserves every bit of the spotlight he’s in and whatever success he can get, which, considering he can count Lady Gaga as a client for his fashion designs, is quite a lot already.

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