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Brigitte Trogneux: From a Controversial Relationship to France’s First Lady

France and the rest of the world welcomed 39-year-old Emmanuel Macron as France’s youngest president since Napoleon after decisively beating Marine Le Pen, winning by 66.06% over Le Pen’s 33.94%. The young president is causing a stir and so is the new first lady, his 64-year-old wife and former teacher Brigitte Trogneux.

Emmanuel Macron and First Lady

The relationship between the two was not a traditional love story, to say the least. In fact, it has all the elements of a real-life French political drama.

According to a report by The Telegraph, Macron and Trogneux’s union was described as a relationship written in the stars in a rather uncomfortable Freudian way by Macron’s biographer.

Apparently, Manette, young Macron’s grandmother, was his biggest influence while growing up, since both his parents were doctors who worked a lot. Manette was a teacher who taught Macron about reading and culture. The grandmother was also described as a demanding and determined person.

Emmanuel Macron and First Lady

Trogneux was young Macron’s literature teacher in a private school in Amiens. And when the latter was 16 years old, he transferred and finished his education in Paris but kept in touch with Trogneux, vowing to marry his former teacher who is 25 years his senior.

Given these conditions growing up, it is safe to say that young Macron’s life was greatly influenced by older, clever, and cultured women.

The frequent phone calls and staying in touch obviously paid off for Macron as Trogneux eventually left her husband and father of her three children to start a relationship with her former student. Trogneux’s eldest daughter was the same age as Macron and the two were former classmates. The couple thereafter got married in 2007.

Macron and Trogneux tried to avoid the public eye for years in case it would negatively affect Macron’s political ambition. However, since launching his presidential bid last year, things have changed.

President Elect Emmanuel Macron and First Lady

Thierry Orban/GettyImages

In an interview with BBC, Macron confidently revealed that “He wants to give the idea that, if he was able to seduce a woman 24 years his senior and a mother-of-three children, in a small provincial town, without opprobrium and mockery, he can conquer France in the same way.”

A few hours ago, Macron was proven right.

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