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6-Year-Old Boy Sets Up Donut and Lemonade Stand for His Heroes

A 6-year-old boy Oliver Davis from Kansas set up a donut and lemonade stand outside their home last Friday to serve his superheroes, the local police officers. His initiative is to spread a message of thanks to the men and women who’ve been kind to him ever since.

donut and lemonade stand


Oliver dreams of becoming a police officer himself one day. His ambition was sparked when he was presented with a police uniform and police bike over a year and a half-ago. The Leawood Police Department has also given the little boy patches which he proudly wore while serving the police officers last Friday.

About 100 police officers from 11 Leawood Police Department units showed up in the little boy’s donut and lemonade stand and had pictures with him taken afterwards.

donut and lemonade stand

Inside Edition

Interviewed by Inside Edition, Brandi, Oliver’s mom said: “They’ve been so nice to him. He has quite a bit of a relationship with the entire police department in the area.”

“We got about 120 doughnuts and we have lemonade and water for them,” Davis added.

The local servicemen and women were all smiles getting their donuts from the little boy, giving him high-fives and handshakes. One police officer said, “It’s good to know there are people out there who like us.”

donut and lemonade stand


Oliver’s mom said: “They loved it. I had one officer after say that it made his day. Oliver was in heaven just being able to talk to all the officers because he really does believe he is part of a police team. He thought it was awesome.”

“We don’t have any policemen in our family. He won´t play with any superhero stuff,” Brandi said.

donut and lemonade stand


On Inside Edition’s featured news video, Oliver said: “I don’t need Superman or Spiderman or Batman. I need this [sic] guys!” while stumping his fist on the lemonade stand’s table intently.

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