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Boss Baby Discrowns Beauty and the Beast at the Box Office

DreamWorks Animation’s Boss Baby is now at the top spot of the Box Office despite the three-week reign of Disney’s remake of “Beauty and the Beast”.

Boss Baby dethrones Beauty and the Beast

Dreamworks Animation

Since its opening in mid-march, the animated movie, Boss Baby, has earned a whopping $15.5 million from around 3,773 theaters throughout the country. With that earning in just a couple of weeks, the movies’ gross estimate has skyrocketed to somewhere just above the $50 million range, which is way more than the initially projected income for the said movie.

Boss Baby with his older brother

Dreamworks Animation

Boss Baby is led by Alec Baldwin who voiced the lead character, Boss Baby, which is a baby dressed in a suit.
The story revolves around a baby who waged a war against innocent puppies with the help of his older brother. The cute and funny appeal of the movie has won over the hearts of the crowd, propelling it to the number one spot in the box office charts.

Meanwhile “Beauty and the Beast” still sits at number two in the Box Office with $13 million as of Friday from 4,210 locations. With its progress, “Beauty and the Beast” is foreseen to finish strong with gross estimated revenue at around the $45 – $50 million mark. The movie “Beauty and the Beast” is a musical film that features Emma Watson as “Belle” and the character “beast” was played by Dan Stevens.

Ghost in the Shell

Paramount Pictures/DreamWorks

Sitting at number 3 is the movie “Ghost in the Shell” by Dreamworks Pictures and Reliance Entertainment. The action movie starring Scarlett Johansson is based on a famous Japanese animated series. With a reported budget of $110 million, this movie is currently crawling its way with reported sales of $7.7 million from 3,440 locations.

With such rate, the movie’s hope lies within international sales. The production team is hoping that the movie will pick up its phase as it hits the international market. Gross estimate for the movie is said to be a meager $20 million.

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