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You Won’t Believe The Body Parts These Celebrities Insured

Most people understand the importance of having good insurance, but celebrities take it to another level! Some of them may sound bizarre but a certain body part can make or break a star’s career. The question is what kind of insurance premiums cover body parts? From Julia Roberts’s smile, to Gene Simmons’s tongue, and Tina Turner’s legs, you’ll probably be surprised at the value celebs place on their teeth, limbs, derrières, and even noses. Read on to find out!

Julia Roberts – The Dream Smile

Most people believe that it doesn’t cost a dime to smile, but not if you’re Julia Roberts. Her enigmatic smile is insured for $30 million. The policy specifies her teeth, but it’s safe to say that she takes care of them with top-notch dental hygiene.


Evan Agostini/Getty Images

When you brandish a multi-million dollar smile and such a contagious laugh, the best bet is to keep it covered at all costs … literally. Roberts’s insurance policy with Lloyd’s of London covers something as minor as chipped tooth to more serious conditions like lip cancer. This Oscar-winning actress is just one of many to insure a body part for a hefty amount. Read on to discover the price of a face or bosom these days.

Claudia Schiffer – A Face That Could Launch a Thousand Ships

Back in the ’90s, Claudia Schiffer rose to fame as one of the most successful supermodels in the world after being discovered in her home country of Germany. Therefore, it makes sense that a supermodel who gets listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for appearing on the most magazine covers would insure her face.


This German beauty took out a $1 million insurance policy for her perfect face. Not only did Karl Lagerfeld make her the face of Chanel, she also appeared on the covers of Playboy, Elle, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Time, Cosmopolitan, and Harper’s Bazaar. Schiffer has also been the face of the brands Guess and L’Oréal.

Rihanna – RiRi’s Pins

Rihanna bagged the accolade of having “Celebrity Legs of a Goddess” when she was named Gillette Razors’s Venus Breeze model in 2007. This secured the Barbados Babe a $1 million insurance policy. It could certainly came in handy seeing as how the Caribbean queen breaks it down on stage with her mind-blowing dance moves.


Thomas Starke/Getty Images

Rihanna legs are her number-one asset, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work on the rest of her body. She told People magazine, “I work with a trainer. We work on the arms…We work out my butt…But my legs are my main focus. I’m obsessed.” That says it all.

Heidi Klum – Legs That Go on Forever

There must be something about German beauties because the supermodel Heidi Klum also took out a very high insurance policy to cover her runway legs. With a $2.2 million policy, the Victoria’s Secret model could cover any catwalk accidents. Seeing that she no longer models, Klum is still covered from any high heel accidents, laser hair removal burns, and any other cosmetic surgery blunders.


When Klum was asked by the press to break down the value of her legs, she explained that she went to London to get her legs evaluated, and it was determined that her right leg values at $1.2 million, while the left is covered at $1 million because of a scar from when she fell on glass.

Miley Cyrus – Tongue Tied

Miley Cyrus took the plunge and also insured her tongue for $1 million. One of the reasons is because she noticed that her tongue seems to get a lot of attention by her fans, so she thought it was logical to trademark that look.


It’s not the first time Cyrus tried to patent her body parts and performance trademarks. Whether it’s trying to patent twerking or her short hair, Cyrus clearly knows what she’s doing right and makes sure everything remains in top form.

Jennifer Lopez – Jenny From the Block

It was at the MTV Music Awards in 2000 when Chris Rock joked about Jennifer Lopez’s derrière, and since then, it became one of Hollywood’s most coveted butts. This probably inspired the Latina beauty to take out an insurance policy on it for $27 million.


While she never openly admitted to the insurance policy, it is quite clear that it covers any blemishes, excess cellulite, and medical procedures. The singer and actor sure knows how to break it down, so the policy probably also covers any damage done to the gluteal muscles. Butt insurance might have started with J.Lo, but it definitely didn’t end with this star.

Kim Kardashian – What a Rear View

Famous for her curvaceous silhouette and figure-hugging fashion choices, Kim Kardashian is all about her booty. In fact, all the hype surrounding her butt gave her husband, Kanye West, an idea. It was actually when the couple were engaged that he proposed she insure her butt.


After undergoing several valuations about how much Kardashian’s career is based on her behind, it was agreed that it’s worth $21 million. This comes as no surprise seeing as though she spends $5,000 a day to get her tailor Cornelius Clay to customize her pants to fit her size 4 waist and size 10 buttocks.

Bette Davis – Geometry Never Looked So Fine

Afraid of gaining weight, Bette Davis insured her perfect waistline for $28,000 back in her silver screen days. Known for her incredible figure and great acting, Davis wanted to take care of her physique no matter the cost.


Compared to the insurance policies celebrities take out today, $28,000 doesn’t sound too bad or really significant, but for Davis it was a lot of money back in the ’30s. In today’s numbers, it would equal well over a million dollars. What the insurance premium meant was that if the actress gained any weight, she would receive money to help her lose it.

Holly Madison – Hef’s Pals

Former Playboy girl, Holly Madison got her goodies insured for $1 million. She told People magazine “If anything happened to my boobs, I’d be out for a few months and I’d probably be out a million dollars. I thought I’d cover my assets… They’re my primary money makers right now.”


Does that mean each one is worth $500,000? Madison also took out her insurance policy with Lloyd’s of London to avoid any risks associated with her breast implants. As she said, her boobs bring in the money and Hugh Hefner wasn’t about to worry about them for her.

Betty Grable – The Pins of a Pin-Up Girl

She was America’s favorite pin-up girl and every soldier’s dream during World War II. It was her legs that made her especially famous, and so she insured them for $1 million in the ’40s, equivalent to about $24 million today. She surely rocked some gorgeous legs to get such an insurance policy.


Grable was recorded as saying, “There are two reasons I’m in show business, and I’m standing on both of them.” This 20th Century Fox star knew what she was worth and believed that in order to strut her stuff, it was best to open a policy with Lloyd’s of London. The most famous pinup of Grable is of her donning a white bathing suit, showcasing her legs, and sporting that cheeky smile.

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Double Trouble

Jennifer Love Hewitt is another celebrity who wanted to insure a body part with Lloyd’s of London. If you guessed that she wanted to insure her 36C bosom, then you guessed correct. The actress knows exactly what her best assets are, so she wanted to make sure they were covered in any case of emergencies.


While Hewitt is unlikely to get into some kind of emergency involving her goods, it didn’t stop her from putting quite the hefty value on her bosom for $5 million. The only catch is that she hasn’t actually insured him. She told USA Today, “If somebody was like, ‘Hey, you know what? We would like to insure your boobs for $2.5 million,’ I’d be like, ‘Do it. Love it. Why not?’ These things right here are worth $5 million.” Okay, then….

Angie Everhart – Another Pair of Never-Ending Limbs

Lloyd’s of London is no stranger to million-dollar insurance policies for celebs seeking to insure valuable body part. Legs and feet seem to be one of the most popular body part to insure, and Angie Everhart is certainly part of the “Million Dollar Legs” club.


Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

When Everhart appeared in a Schick razor commercial in the ’90s, Schick claimed that it insured her legs for $1 million. After this statement, Schick actually had to go and pay Lloyd’s of London insurance company that amount.

Kylie Minogue – A “Loco-Motion” Derrière

The Australian singer and dancer insured her derrière for $5 million. While her buttocks might not be as big as the other celebrities who invested in their backsides, Minogue believed her sexy figure needed some protection. Her dance moves could have surely pulled a gluteal muscle to say the least.


Minogue’s shapely bum can definitely break it down doing a loco-motion and spinning around. Read on to see which other celebrities believe they have a good excuse to take out insurance on a coveted body part.

Taylor Swift – Luscious Limbs

With slender and long legs like Taylor Swift’s, it’s no wonder that she sports cute miniskirts when she’s out and about. The singer decided to insure her famous legs in case she can’t dance on stage. For her, it’s not worth losing everything because she can’t use her legs.


Swift took out an insurance policy of $40 million on her legs sinceher signature stage performances include lots of dance moves. It would supposedly jeopardize her $200 million career were anything to happen. It’s even rumored that the star was embarrassed after she found out the worth of her legs because she was sure they were only worth around $1 million.

America Ferrera – Ugly Betty Who?

Who would have guessed how Ugly Betty star America Ferrera would look sans braces? Well, apparently she looks pretty darn good because she was asked to be the face, or should we say teeth, of Aquafresh’s home teeth-whitening product Aquafresh White Trays.


Gareth Cattermole/Gett Images

Ferrera was selected as part of a promotion to raise money for U.S. charity Smiles for Success. She’s another celebrity to get a body part insured with Lloyd’s of London, and she’s been recorded as saying, “It’s very flattering to have my smile insured for $10 million, it’s not something that I ever imagined happening.” Those pearly whites could definitely melt anyone’s heart.

Mariah Carey – An All-Round Package

Mariah Carey took out the highest single insurance policy ever known to mankind in 2006. And no, it wasn’t just for her vocals that span five octaves. The singer decided to insure her legs for $35 million after she was named the model for Gillette’s “Legs of a Goddess” campaign.


Carey is retired now, but she probably wants to keep those gams in top form. Just imagine what her monthly payments are?! She actually has also insured her vocals for $35 million as well, which means Carey is insured up to $70 million. That’s a hefty amount!

Madonna – Bosom Buddies

Madonna might not be known for her bosom, but those cone bras certainly became her trademark. Perhaps they are more dangerous than they appear to be because she insured her assets for $2 million. After all, she is a material girl.


Jason Merritt/Getty Images

It hasn’t been confirmed if Madonna’s had plastic surgery to enhance the size of her chest to a C cup, but her insurance policy sure does cover any complications that could occur as a result of the surgery. Better safe than sorry, right? Think you’ve heard it all? Read on to find out more bizarre body parts insured by celebrities.

Dolly Parton – “It Costs a Lot of Money to Look This Cheap”

The Southern Belle Dolly Parton insured her 40DD bosom for $600,000 back in the ’70s. While they doesn’t sound like too much today compared to current celeb insurance plans, back then it was quite a hefty insurance premium. Who can blame the star for worrying about her bosom deflating or something?


Parton has certainly kept up with the times, though. She recently took another insurance policy to cover her chest with a value of $3.8 million. It’s a bit strange seeing that she doesn’t perform anymore, but she’s erring on the side of caution against any diseases and medical conditions. Thought this was bizarre? The next one might puzzle you even more.

Tina Turner – The Queen’s Appendages

No one can roll on the river quite like Turner. For this reason, the pop queen decided it was best to take out an insurance policy on her striking legs for $3 million. The reason behind Tina Turner’s choice was because her legs made up the most iconic part of all her performances.


Turner decided to use her legs to her advantage. She told Oprah in 2005, “Yeah, I always had long legs … I didn’t know how to buy clothes for that. As I grew up, I learned what worked for me. That’s where the short dresses came from. And you can’t dance in a long dress.” Right, this next celebrity sure takes insurance policies to another level, or should we say galaxy …

Shirley MacLaine – Alien Insurance

You can ask Lloyd’s of London yourself if you don’t think this one is true because apparently more than 20,000 policies against aliens have already been written and this actress was one of them. Yes, Shirley MacLaine took out an insurance policy against alien abduction, aptly called Alien Abduction Insurance!


Kevin Winter/Getty Images

MacLaine, who believes in extraterrestrial life and reincarnation, decided to cover herself against alien abduction with a $25 million policy. In order to redeem the policy, the insured person needs to prove he or she was abducted by aliens and returned to planet Earth.

Jamie Lee Curtis – The Scream Queen’s Legs

It all started when Jamie Lee Curtis signed a deal with the pantyhose company L’Eggs to help with one of their advertising campaigns. The campaign landed her a $2.8 million insurance premium for her legs. This seems like quite an investment for the insurance company considering Curtis didn’t do anything too risky with her gams.


It would be interesting to know if the policy from the ’90s is still valid today, or whether Curtis still even owns a pair of L’Eggs Reliance long-wearing pantyhose? The pin-up girl definitely did sport a perfect pair of legs!

Daniel Craig – A Chiseled Physique

Any Bond man needs a Bond body to look impeccable at any given moment, even during crazy stunt work. Daniel Craig knew that when he landed the role James Bond, he’d have to perform all kinds of crazy stunts that involve speeding cars, jumping off buildings, and handling sophisticated weapons.


Craig decided that his whole body would have to be insured for a whopping $9.5 million to cover any accidents like broken bones, torn ligaments, cuts, or grazes on the skin. If this insurance policy blew your mind, then you’ll have to read on to find out about the next hefty one.

David Beckham – Can You Bend It Like Beckham?

At the height of David Beckham’s soccer career, he insured his legs for $70 million. This was definitely a record for a celebrity in the early 2000s, but soon this number would be doubled by none other than the soccer star himself.


In 2006, he upped the ante on his insurance premium policy to cover his entire body. This deal has been the largest amount in sports history and it’s rumored that several insurance companies split the risks for a sum of $195 million. This was quite the risk seeing that any game could land Beckham a fractured bone or sprained muscle.

Tom Jones – Grisly Bear Vibes

These days, men remove their body hair by waxing and investing in laser hair removal, but not Sir Tom Jones. The pop singer was considered a sex symbol during his heyday, and he attributes it all to his chest hair.


That’s right, Jones believes his sex appeal comes down to the fuzz on his chest, and therefore insured his unruly chest hair in 2008 with Lloyd’s of London for $7 million! If chest hair is worth that much, it would be crazy to imagine how much a celebrity could insure a full mane of hair for. Well, you don’t have to imagine. Read on to find out just how much it actually costs.

Jimmy Durante – Durante’s Schnozzola

While it isn’t quite clear whether Jimmy Durante’s claim to fame was his nose or his acting and singing skills, it’s safe to say that the crooner used to poke fun at his own “Schnozzola.” His nose even became his trademark at the height of his career in the ’30s.


It was in the ’40s when Durante decided to take the plunge and insure his nose for $50,000. Usually celebrities invest in plastic surgery to fix their noses and such, but Durante embraced his signature nose. So, not only is the star remembered for his croaky voice and comic language, his nose will always be his trademark.

Cristiano Ronaldo – The Sultan of the Stepover

This next celebrity part of the “Million Dollar Legs” club is soccer legend, Cristiano Ronaldo. The hunky soccer player followed in David Beckham’s footsteps and insured his legs for $144 million. Ronaldo is often considered one of the best players in the world, so it makes perfect sense that he’d need to protect his beloved legs, no?


With legs chiseled to perfection, it’s no wonder that Ronaldo wants to cover all risks that might arise from his work on the field. Not only are his legs extremely muscular and defined, they’re also smooth and tanned and with such a high insurance premium, they could very well stay that way.

Keith Richards – A Rolling Stone’s Hand

When you’re lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones, it’s probably your best bet to insure your hands. This is exactly what Keith Richards did for a sum of $1.6 million with Lloyd’s of London. He commented on the matter saying, “These [hands] are my business.”


Not only did Richards’s hands play the classics, they also helped pen some of Rock and Roll’s most famous songs. It’s just as well that he took out the insurance policy because he developed rheumatoid arthritis later in life and also broke his hand. Lloyd’s surely does know how to bank it!

Rod Stewart – Rod the Mod’s Vocals

This crooner wants to make sure his voice stays put, so it’s no wonder that Rod Stewart insured his voice for $6 million. Another one of Lloyd’s policyholders, Steward decided to take out high premium coverage ever since he started singing an octave lower in 2001.


After Stewart needed surgery on his thyroid to remove a malignant growth he didn’t receive a payout from Lloyd’s because he didn’t lose his voice. It seems that these insurance policy companies aren’t too quick to just dole out the said amounts. This next one might give men some ideas …

Merv Hughes – Puts the “Mo” in “Movember”

This is another case of a body part becoming a trademark. Cricketer Merv Hughes’s insured his Zapata-inspired mustache for fear of losing his manly facial hair during his heyday in the ’80s and ’90s as a member of the Australian national cricket team. In fact, his fear was so severe that he took out a policy of $370,000.


While Hughes was definitely known for his amazing abilities in cricket, his face furniture definitely defined him more. Who knows, if it wasn’t for that mustache, he might have faded into obscurity but instead remains an icon of Australian sports.

Michael Flatley – “Feet of Flames”

The king of dance who can achieve 35 taps per second definitely needs an insurance policy on his legs. Michael Flately made the Guinness Book of Records for that feat in 1989. He set another record in 2000 for being the highest paid dancer in the world and insuring his legs for $40 million.


An insurance policy that high covers any accidents that could occur during Flatley’s career on and off the stage. The Lord of the Dance star needed to cover himself against broken legs, a ruptured Achilles tendon, and anything else that could affect his leg movement.

Troy Polamalu – The Mane of a Lion

With a mane like Troy Polamalu’s, Procter and Gamble, one of the companies behind Polamalu’s contract with the Pittsburgh Steeler’s, wanted to ensure their prized defender wasn’t going anywhere because of his hair. So what did they do? They insured his hair for $1 million.


His contractors were concerned about losing the American football player because lots of hair care and shampoo companies were approaching him for ads and endorsements. So when Head & Shoulders offered him a deal, his football contractors took out a policy with Lloyd’s of London to cover his curly locks and keep him on the team.

Gene Simmons – Kiss Me

The front man of the Rock and Roll band Kiss, Gene Simmons, really gives a new meaning to tongues out. While insuring a tongue isn’t too profitable for the insured person because chances of a medical issue with a tongue are quite low, the insurance company can definitely bag a buck with a monthly premium. Especially when the policy is for $1 million!


Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Three Lion Entertainment

It would make sense that Simmons would be forbidden to smoke because of tongue cancer or prevented from drinking hot drinks in case of burning accidents. His signature move of sticking his tongue out seems contagious because the next celebrity was inspired to take out a similar policy too.

Egon Ronay – Taste Buds Delight

Being a food critic and restaurateur also comes with its risks and that’s why Egon Ronay insured his taste buds. After all, how could someone with a book called The Unforgettable Dishes of My Life not insure his taste buds for $400,000.


The risk of losing his career was pretty high seeing as though his career would end if his taste buds were damaged. The things people will do to insure their careers sounds totally logical, but this next celebrity took out an insurance policy which had nothing to do with his career.

David Lee Roth – Seeds of Rock

The rock musician and lead singer of Van Halen, David Lee Roth, decided to insure his sperm for $1 million. And no, he didn’t insure his package against injury or sickness; Roth wanted to cover himself in the event of any unwanted pregnancies.


With such an expensive policy, Roth will be able to cover child support should he impregnate a woman. The musician felt this was the best way to combat any paternity suits. Besides, Roth must really value his sperm for what he thinks would produce the most perfect children.

Bruce Springsteen – A Voice of a “Boss”

Bruce Springsteen insured his pipes for $6 million with Lloyd’s of London insurance company. Even though he is also a wiz at the guitar, he realized his vocals needed the most coverage if he wanted to remain successful.


Springsteen isn’t called a “The Boss” for nothing. He’s bagged 20 Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, and two Golden Globes, so it’s no surprise that he didn’t want to take a risk with his voice. Hold tight for some more celebrities who allegedly insured their body parts.

Usain Bolt’s Legs – Just Bolting Through

If it wasn’t for a top-performing body, a sport star’s career would be over in no time. If Usain Bolt’s legs were to give in during his career, that would be the end of it. Therefore the fastest man on earth insures his legs for $200 million.


He should also probably insure or patent his iconic lightning bolt salute of victory. When you’re the fastest man on earth, anything is possible. Read on to discover which other unusual insurance plans celebs took out.

Abbott and Costello – Brothers in Arms

Apparently, celebrities don’t only insure body parts. The classic comedy duo Abbot and Costello insured their friendship with a five-year plan in order to protect themselves against any squabbles that could have ruined their careers as comedians.


Lloyd’s of London is infamous for its strange insurance policies and this one was no different. The duo seemed to work well together, but for peace of mind they decided to take out a policy worth $250,000. Turns out the duo lasted for 20 years before they disbanded in 1957. And no, they didn’t split up because of a disagreement. For that, you can blame the Internal Revenue Service for taxing them.

Fred Astaire – Shall We Dance?

Fred Astaire is regarded as one of the most influential performers in the history of TV and film—especially due to his tremendous dance skills. Now all that wouldn’t have been possible without his well-functioning legs, which he insured for $75,000.


Astaire also insured his arms for $20,000 because his dancing acts weren’t possible without them either. This virtuoso dancer’s limbs would probably be worth so much more today. If you read on to the next one you’ll wholeheartedly agree.

Ben Turpin – It’s All in the Eyes

The silent film comedian and actor Ben Turpin, who insured his cross-eyes for between $25,000 and $100,000 in the 1920s (equivalent to between $700,000 and $3 million in today’s dollars), was probably the first celebrity to insure a body part. The money was payable to Turpin’s producer, Mack Sennett, were his eyes to become normal.


It sounds pretty strange because most people would take out medical insurance to fix cross-eyes, but not Turpin. His career was about making people laugh in his vaudeville and movie performances. Read on for more bizarre stories on celebrities who insured their body parts.

Adam Lambert – An Idol’s Voice

This former American idol runner-up insured his voice for a whopping $48 million. Lambert took out the policy on his chords, and he’s extremely proud of it. He told the press, “That’s my bread and butter man, I got to insure this. J.Lo insured her booty, right? Listen – this is what I’m making my money on.”


Noam Galai/Getty Images

There are no secrets with Lambert and the star would rather be safe than sorry were his career to be jeopardized. His management reportedly signed the contract in 2012 after he was named the highest earning former American Idol singer by Forbes.

Fernando Alonso – Thumbs Up

Does a $13 million insurance policy sound enough to you? Well that’s how much Formula One champion Fernando Alonso insures his thumbs for. His major sponsor Santander decided to take out the policy because it’s quite obvious that he can’t drive without them.


Wouldn’t it be a little more logical to insure his hands or his whole body? Well, Santander said they took out the policy to insure the Spaniard’s thumbs for a publicity campaign focusing on accident and life insurance. The company explained that his thumbs are a symbol for victory because they show that everything is under control for the Formula One racer.

Jessica Ennis-Hill – A Heptathlete’s Arm

Jessica Ennis-Hill dominated the Heptathlete event at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. While every body part is important for an event of this sort, it turns out that the most vital appendage in her case is her right arm because of her excellence at javelin.


Ennis-Hill insured her right arm for around $200,000. She isn’t the only athlete to insure a very particular body part. Other sportsmen who use one limb or body part more than the other also invest in such policies. Read on to learn which athlete also insured a right arm.

Matt Harvey – Pitch Perfect

The right-handed pitcher for the New York Mets took out an insurance policy when his manager, Scott Boras, raised concerns about injuries and what it could mean for the team. Harvey had sustained a serious arm injury in the past, so in the event that he would suffer another one, his manager made the decision.


It isn’t known how much Harvey’s arm is insured for, but it must be pretty high. It would need to cover his right arm to pitch the way he does. It’s assumed that his insurance policy only pays off a fraction of Harvey’s earning potential. Now, this next celeb also insures his hands, but not for the reason you’d imagine.

John Schnatter – Those Hands Were Made for Baking

Papa Johns’s pizza founder, John Schnatter took out an insurance policy on his hands for $15 million, putting him in the same insurance policy league as many of the top celebrities who insure their body parts.


His claim is that his hands are super precious because they are used to toss pizza dough, spread tomato paste and other sauces, and to sprinkle toppings on the top. The policy covers Schnatter should he lose the use of his hands. This definitely seems like a world first.

Charlie Chaplin – Twinkle Toes

Charlie Chaplin’s walk definitely became his trademark as a silent film actor. He was likely among the first to insure an appendage and for a hefty fee. Chaplin had his feet insured for $150,000, which was a huge amount in the 1920s (the equivalent of $4.5 million today).


As part of his slapstick humor, Chaplin had to safeguard his feet, otherwise his whole career could have been jeopardized. It paid off because his quirky mannerisms are what make him a star even today.

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