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5 Ways To Simplify Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is upon us, and everyone is looking forwards to nabbing to the cheapest deals. Despite the popularity of the shopping craze, not many know how to make the best out of it. Here are 5 ways to simplify black Friday shopping brought to you by our team of shopping experts:

1. Let the experts find deals for you: it will take you ages to find what you want if you are new to this shopping window. Luckily, there are experts who do the deal-searching legwork for you. Newscasts and website ads have already listed the tempting offers. Visit the likes of Dealnews.com and you will be spoiled for what deal you should go for.

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2. For early access, shop online: why wait for stores to open when you can access them online before anyone does? This Black Friday, Wal-Mart increased its inventory by 50 percent from last year. Its online deals were being offered days before the actual shopping window opened. While Kohl’s stores open their doors at 5 p.m.; their online offers were up for grabs as from Monday 21st.

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3. Take advantage of the saving before Friday: do not wait for the holiday shopping weekend to get deals. Stores began offering deals as from Wednesday. For instance, Target was already floating its Black Friday deals as early as Wednesday with so much to save on their products. Do not wait for the queues to pile since you can beat those crowds by starting early.

4. Not every item is worth buying on Black Friday: you should know that Black Friday is not the end of cheaper holiday deals: a lot is coming later. There are products you can skip now and get better offers later. While Black Friday is full of electronic and gaming products; it is not the time to buy your kids’ toys, winter apparel and jewelries. Green Monday on 12 December and Super Saturday on 16 December are great shopping windows for the items you skipped this Black Friday.

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5. Follow maps for easy access: Wal-mart and Target have made it easy for you to avoid the crowds and access their products fast and easy. With map apps to guide you, finding what you need has been simplified. You can also scan barcodes to view buyers’ reviews before you bid for any deals.

Your Black Friday shopping has never been so easy. With these simple ways you can get any deal faster and cheaper.

Got your own Black Friday shopping tips? Share them in the comments!

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