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Biological Mother of Zahara Jolie-Pitt Hopes to Reconnect with Daughter 12 Years After Adoption

Nearly 12 years after Zahara Jolie-Pitt was adopted by Angelina Jolie, the biological mother of the young girl from Ethiopia has spoken to the Daily Mail about her desires to get in touch with her daughter. In her comments, Mentewab Dawit Lebiso made it clear that she respects the fact that Zahara is now the daughter of Angelina Jolie and is happy that she is being taken care of, but would still like the chance for her to get to know her biological mother and vice-versa. Zahara was 6 months old when Jolie adopted her in mid-2005. Brad Pitt legally became Zahara’s foster father the following year.


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Lebiso hopes that her heartfelt comments to the DailyMail will reach out and be accepted by Jolie who is currently in the midst of custody battle with Brad Pitt over their six children including Zahara. She says that she would like the opportunity to speak with Zahara over the phone and longs to be a part of the 12-year-old’s life. Lebiso also explained that she does not want to take Zahara back as she cannot, in any way, give her the life she currently lives as a Jolie-Pitt in the States. Speaking more about reconnecting with her biological daughter, Lebiso admitted that not a day goes by when she does not think about her or yearn to see her again.


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When talking about Angelina Jolie, she sincerely commented on Jolie being more of a mother to Zahara than she ever was. Lebiso went on to say that though Jolie has been with the young girl since babyhood and raised her, she still misses her daughter everyday and wants her to know that she is loved just as much by her (Lebiso) as she is by her foster mother, Jolie. Lebiso’s final comment on the subject was a plea to Jolie to allow her to speak with Zahara and inform her of her family back in Ethiopia.


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Jolie currently has primary custody over all six of the Jolie-Pitt kids; however, Brad Pitt is allowed supervised visits until a final agreement for custody rights is reached. The couple has been separated since September, 2016, after marrying in August, 2014. At the time of filing for divorce, Jolie and asked for full custody of their six children. The highly publicized ongoing custody battle was to resume this week with the exes due to appear back in court; however, the court date was later postponed for undisclosed reasons.

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