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Bill Maher on Violence at Middlebury

On Friday’s Real Time, Bill Maher expressed concern about campus liberals when violence broke out at Middlebury College when Charles Murray spoke on campus. A female professor suffered a concussion as a result.

“I worry that liberalism is at a perilous point,” Maher said.

Murray is a political scientist, best known for his 1984 book Losing Ground: American Social Policy, 1950-1980. He has also appeared on Real Time in the past.

Author and political scientist

Southern Poverty Law Center

Maher made it clear that he wasn’t defending his former guest’s views. “Although he [Murray] claims to be a social scientist, his research is thinly veiled racism,” he said. “But there is a way to fight that. And that is to debate him. That’s not what we saw at Middlebury.”

Andrew Sullivan, who was a guest on the panel, just wrote a piece on this recent trend for New York magazine. “This is a religion,” he said. “This is a kind of secular religion. If you’re on a campus, you have to believe certain things, or you are a heretic.”

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Daily Wire

Sullivan insisted that many young liberals don’t want to hear new ideas because it will upset them and hurt their feelings. “The point of a university to make you uncomfortable.”

Former Congressman Barney Frank also condemned the violence, but he didn’t buy into the idea that the trend represents liberalism. Frank joked that he “has this new gig where they pay me to talk to students” and believes it’s only a small group of young people who are attacking free speech.

Sullivan said it’s often the faculty that pushes this radical P.C. culture.

“And the parents,” Maher added. “There is something very wrong with the way they raise their little f**king brats.”

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