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Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Case Underway- Cosby Legal Team Wants Jury Prescreened

The sexual assault case against TV’s most beloved dad, Bill Cosby is well underway. His legal team has recently filed a motion to have the jury pool pre-screened, cited potential widespread bias against Cosby. Such bias, Cosby’s lawyers claim, is due to the non-stop media coverage which often portrayed the veteran actor as a predator. The motion, among other things, pointed out the use of questionnaires during pre-trial jury selection. This tool will supposedly weed out those with strong opinions against their client. They further argued that pre-trial questionnaires have been used before in trials involving celebrities.

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If the motion is granted, pre-trial questionnaires will be sent to as many as 2000 prospective members of the jury. The questions are specifically designed to determine whether the respondent has a pre-conceived notion of the defendant Mr. Cosby, or the case itself. If their answers point toward bias or prejudice, they will likely to be excluded from the pool of registered voters from which the 12 men and women of the jury will be chosen. The defense has not disclosed any of the specific questions indicated on the form.

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The trial is set to start on June 5, 2017, and Cosby’s legal defense team has been working to ensure that the actor gets a fair trial. The 79-year old comic has always maintained that the sexual encounter between him and a young woman back in 2004 was consensual. The three counts of assault, which also alleged that Mr. Cosby drugged his former employee to ply her into submission, could mean serious jail time if he gets convicted.

The defense scored somewhat of an early win when a judge ruled in favor of picking a jury from a different county in Pennsylvania to avoid bias and trial by publicity.

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Over the past few years, not less than 50 women have come forward, accusing the veteran comedian all sorts of sexual misconduct. The assault charges he is facing now is by far the one that seems to hold the most merit. There has been strong conjecture that perhaps this case will open the floodgates and lead to more charges in the future if Cosby is found guilty. Many people, both supporters and critics of Bill Cosby are already touting the upcoming trial as something that is almost as controversial as the OJ trial back in the 90s. There is no doubt all cameras will be pointed to this legal battle up to its inevitable explosive conclusion.

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