Where you came from ?! These Are Some of the Best Westerns In Movie History
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These Are Some of the Best Westerns In Movie History

1. Rooster Cogburn

This film was released in 1975 as a sequel to the 1969 film True Grit. As in True Grit, John Wayne stars as Marshal Reuben J. Cogburn, as known as “Rooster.”  



In this film, Rooster is stripped of his badge and must prove himself worthy of it once more by putting a stop to a gang of notorious outlaws. It received tepid reviews from critics, but it transfixed enough audiences to be named the 25th highest grossing film of 1975.

2. Chisum

In this 1970 film, John Wayne plays John Chisum, a well-to-do rancher who quarrels with  his rival Lawrence Murphy (portrayed by Forrest Tucker) for power of a place in New Mexico called Lincoln County.



The film was inspired by the events that transpired during the Lincoln County War of 1878. Additionally, it borrows several elements from a short story by Andrew J. Fenady entitled “Chisum and the Lincoln County Cattle Wars.” 

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