Where you came from ?! These Are Easily The Best Christmas Light Displays From 2017
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These Are Easily The Best Christmas Light Displays From 2017

Christmas might be over, but 2017 saw some epic Christmas lights displays that are too good to be forgotten. Some houses deserve national recognition for all the work they put in over the holidays, and some of these locations are still running their displays!  Ready to be amazed? Let these homes inspire your creativity for the next holiday season.

The Holiday Cheer Bus

christmas lights


I’m betting everyone who passed this holiday cheer bus on the street got into the holiday spirit right away. This “twinkle bus” is pure magic.

The Cottage In Kentucky

christmas lights

Southern Living

This lovely cottage in Kentucky attracts visitors each holiday season. Its old-fashioned approach to Christmas is a splash of beauty in our modern world.

A Bridge In Boise

christmas lights


This bridge in Boise, Idaho is a community favorite every Christmas. Children and adults alike are filled with wonder walking through the tunnel as the lights glow.

12th Man Glow

christmas lights


This house must be full of hardcore Seahawks fans, because their yard is a football shrine. This has got to be one of the coolest, most unique displays of 2017.

The Electric Forest

christmas lights


This Christmas lights display is called the Electric Forest, which is settled in Rothbury, Michigan. If you’re close next holiday, it’s worth your time to see!

“Best Christmas Lights Display In America”

christmas lights


The Simmons Family Christmas Lights show has over 200,000 LED lights, a 24-foot tall Christmas tree, shooting stars and it’s all synchronized to holiday music. If you’re close to Cathedral City, California next Christmas, make it a tradition to stop by!

Christmas In Deerfield, TX

christmas lights


This house in Deerfield, TX has been nationally recognized for its Christmas display. From December 1st to the 30th, it will be spreading holiday cheer.

The Happy House

christmas lights


Doesn’t this display just make you happy? There’s so much going on yet it looks so classic and elegant. Let it be an inspiration!

Life-Size Christmas Lights

christmas lights


It’s always nice to see a house lit up for Christmas, but there’s something even more magical about trees in natural settings glowing in the snow. These oversized Christmas bulbs are so beautiful peacefully resting there.

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

christmas lights

Only In Your State

This 150,000+ Christmas light display is the largest in Maine. While you’re enjoying magic, you can stop in for some cocoa as live holiday music plays. The Botanical Gardens is a must-see next Christmas!

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