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Think You’re Having a Bad Day? Think Again!

We all have those days when we feel like everything went wrong. You spill your coffee on your shirt in the morning, then you are late for work which causes you to get yelled at by your boss and then, of course, your computer crashes and you bang your elbow really hard and basically end the day crying. Well, as bad as your day was, there is always someone who had it worse!

So if you are having a lousy day, just cheer yourself up by looking at someone’s misery! You know it helps a little.

It was all fun and games until…

Did you know that there are more selfie-related deaths around the world than shark attacks? Maybe we should be more afraid of cameras than the rare occurrence that we would get bitten by a shark!

bad day

This girl certainly learned maybe it isn’t the best idea to pose for a photo on a not so sturdy dock… I love how whoever took her photo was more focused on embarrassing her than helping her!

Just hanging in a ceiling

My favorite part of this photo is that the guy is just chilling and eating, whereas I would totally be panicking. I really wish I knew the context of this photo because, I mean, how in the world does this even happen?

bad day

Can you just imagine coming home and seeing your son hanging through the ceiling?

 He definitely feels pretty

Do you ever just get so drunk that you pass out on the transit the next morning wear a dress? All I know is, I bet this guy had one fun night! Sorry for the hangover you will experience when you wake up!

bad day

I suggest taking an aspirin, drinking lots of water and eating a good breakfast! Hope it was worth it!

Deer are so rude

Deer literally do not give a damn if they see a car or motorcycle coming down the world, they will just cross the road whenever they want. Deer-related accidents are fairly common if you live in an area that has a lot of them. Back in 2012, there were about 1.23 million deer-related accidents, which resulted in an average of $3,305 in property damage.

bad day

If you don’t want to end up like this guy, try using these tips to prevent an accident. Always keep your hand on the brakes to reduce reaction time, keep your lights on at night and, of course, don’t speed down a road that is known for having deer spottings!

When you peel your skin

Remember when you were little and you would put Elmer’s glue all over your hand just so you could peel it off when it dried? Well, this guy took it to the next level and actually peeled off his skin. There are lots of reasons why he was able to do this but it is definitely kind of gross yet satisfying.

bad day

There is a form of eczema called dyshidrotic eczema that causes the skin on your palm to become so dried out that it causes blisters that in turn start to peel. Maybe this guy has that!

The next photo is something a lot of us have experienced.

When the bus driver is a jerk

If you have ever taken the public transportation bus in a city and tried to exit via the back doors, you would know that those doors will randomly close on you. I always shove my way out because every so often, my bag or arm gets stuck in the doors because they closed too quickly.

bad day

I hope this woman’s head wasn’t stuck in the bus doors for too long! She is going to have a weird mark on her neck that she will have to explain!


I don’t even need to know the context to know that this is one truly awful day. I would literally rather do anything else than have a bunch of bugs crawling all over me.

bad day

I’m really glad she at least as goggles on because omg, bugs would literally try to go into your eye.

Now talk about a thrilling ride

There is always a risk when you ride a roller coaster at an amusement park because anything can happen. It can break down, you can be struck by one, your car could derail, or you could die…. The Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio stated that there was an average of 4,000 injuries every year relating to roller coasters!

bad day

I guess it could be worse for these riders. At least they aren’t stuck hanging upside down!

When you try transporting bricks

You know that expression about doing things one brick at a time? Well, it looks like the driver is going to have to do just that to fix this mess. That is if he can figure out how to get out of the car without injuring himself!

bad day

Next time, he should make two trips instead of trying to deliver them all at once!

Well that’s not good

At first I thought this guy had some really bad luck, but apparently, this was supposed to happen. It’s a stunt called the flaming parachute jump, where the jumper deliberately sets his parachute on fire. I guess regular skydiving isn’t thrilling enough!

bad day

The guy in this photo shot his parachute with a flare gun mid-jump, then disposed of it after the whole thing burned away. Don’t worry, he didn’t die as he deployed a second parachute and landed safely!

The next photo shows true dedication to Japanese food.

Flood not going to stop me from eating

Yoshinoya is a Japanese fast-food restaurant that is “Tasty, low-priced, and quick,” if you believe their motto. It is a popular place to get a good beef bowl and other foods and clearly a bad flood isn’t going to stop people from going!

bad day

One of Japan’s major natural disaster problems is earthquakes, which can trigger tsunamis. Back in 2011, one of the worst tsunami’s hit Japan’s coastline as it was 128 feet tall and traveled 6 miles inland.

Cacti are very touchy

I guess this guy didn’t get the memo that cacti are very prickly and will get stuck to you. I can’t even imagine how painful this was to remove all of them! I just don’t understand how this guy managed to get so many on him!

bad day

The cacti this poor guy was attacked by are known as Cholla cacti and are mainly found in the southwest. If you are walking around a desert, look out for them so you don’t end up like this guy!

Not much of a track star

Track and field has been a thing since the first Olympic games in 776 B.C. in Greece but, of course, we had to go make it more complicated by adding things to jump over. This poor guy didn’t do so hot during his race and probably  has a lovely scar to remind him of that!

bad day

Did you know that the sneakers track runners wear are known as spikes and are made to be as light as possible? Sharp metal spikes are screwed onto the bottom of their shoes and the length of them depends on what event you are doing!

The ultimate prank

Now this guy came up with a funny idea. He tied three balloons that realistically look like missiles to the back of his car and then drove down the highway. Can you just imagine seeing this in the rearview mirror? Think you’d fall for the prank?

bad day

As funny as this prank would be, I don’t think a police officer would fall for the “I was speeding because I thought I was under attack” excuse.

You got a little something on your face

This is why you can’t leave a toddler alone for a second! They will manage to creatively find a way to make a huge mess! For this little girl’s sake, I hope the black stuff isn’t a permanent marker!

bad day

This girl would absolutely scare me if she came up behind looking like that!

The next photo is something every festival lover knows all too well.

So much mud

There is no way this happened without alcohol being involved. Unless she really likes playing in the mud? This woman is definitely going to wake up really confused and probably embarrassed!

bad day

Did you know, though, that scientists have proved that playing in the mud can make you feel happier because of the microscopic bacteria, known as Mycobacterium Vaccae that is found in mud? They actually increase your serotonin levels in your brain! This woman is definitely on to something.

Pole dancing gone wrong

Never estimate your strength, especially if you have had too much to drink! This party girl thought it was a good idea to test her pole dancing skills on a street sign and failed miserably!

bad day

I bet the person who took this photo had fun showing this to here the next day!

Modern day Titanic

Man, I am really glad I am not this guy! I don’t know much about boats but I’m pretty sure this shouldn’t happen! Props to the person who took this perfectly timed photo!

bad day

Last year, there were 4,158 boating accidents and 626 deaths, according to the Coast Guard. Looks like this guy was part of those statistics!

Do you ever just…

When you shave your legs and you want people to come feel them… But seriously, why did this girl think it was a good idea to see if her leg fit through the cat door?

bad day

Fun fact: Sir Isaac Newton is said to be the inventor of pet doors like this one and called it the “cat flap.” That’s probably not what he meant for them, though.

Visible streaks

I understand the need to have tan skin and not everyone is lucky to naturally tan but if you are going to use alternative methods, you need to know how to do it correctly! This woman is a perfect example of a spray tan gone wrong because you should never be able to see streaks like this!

bad day

I hope she didn’t pay a lot to get this spray tan! I recommend she take a hot shower to remove it because, honestly, it isn’t worth it anymore!

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Source: flipopular

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